how to get and use crafting blueprints in once human
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How to Get and Use Crafting Blueprints in Once Human

Crafting comes with a couple extra steps.

Like most survival games, Once Human features a crafting system for collecting and upgrading weapons and armor. To do this, you’ll need blueprints, but to get those, you’ll need fragments. Here’s how to get and use crafting blueprints in Once Human.

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How to Get Crafting Blueprints in Once Human

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Getting blueprints for your items isn’t as easy as looting storage crates. You can find blueprint fragments in mysterious chests, but you might also find them in gear or weapon chests. Collect these fragments and fuse them into a full blueprint when you have enough.

There are four different tiers of blueprints that you can get. These are green, blue, purple, and gold, and the rarity follows that order. Purple blueprints are the rarest you can find, but gold has to be attained in the Wish Machine.

To get the Wish Machine, use three ciphers to unlock it in your Memetic Cradle. This will allow you to build one on your territory using the build menu. Using the Wish Machine, you can shop for blueprints or play a game and spin for prizes, but to play or shop you’ll need to spend real currency.

How to Craft With Blueprints in Once Human

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To use Once Human’s blueprints you’ll have to fuse your blueprint fragments. Go into the Blueprints section of your menu. Here, you can see all of the different blueprints you have available, but you can also see the fragments that you have. The fragments will show you the item that the blueprint will be for, but the title will end in FRAG. If it’s a complete blueprint, it’ll end in B.P.

When you have enough fragments to make a full blueprint, you’ll see the option to Fuse the blueprint when you hover over a certain fragment. From there, hold F to fuse them and you’ll have a blueprint to take to a Gear Workbench and use to make weapons or armor.

To use a blueprint to make a weapon or piece of armor, go into your Gear Workbench and craft the materials for the given blueprint. Then, hold F to accept the final build and you’ll get the weapon you were trying to craft. Just note that for higher-tier weapons, you’ll need rarer materials to craft them.

That’s all there is for how to get and use crafting blueprints in Once Human. For more guides on things like if you can carry over beta progress or how to change worlds, check out more of our guides. We’ve also got tips on what the Ripple in Spacetime is and how to farm iron ore.

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