what is the ripple in spacetime in once human
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What is the Ripple in Spacetime in Once Human?

It seems like there are lots of Ripples in Spacetime...

Exploration is one of the most important aspects of Once Human, but it can get overwhelming if you don’t know what everything does. As you explore, you’ll probably get a message that a Ripple in Spacetime has been detected, but with no other context. Here’s what the Ripple in Spacetime is in Once Human.

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Ripple In Spacetime Detected Meaning

once human ripple in spacetime
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If you get a pop-up telling you about a Ripple in Spacetime, it could mean a couple of things. The first is that a Loot Chest is nearby, although this is not always the case. It can be difficult to find chests this way because it could also be saying that you’re close to a post left by another player.

When a player leaves a message in a Whisper, it leaves a flower-like trace on the ground that you can interact with. These serve the same function as the messages in Elden Ring, but they’re a bit less helpful. As you come near one of these whispers, Once Human will tell you you’re close to a Ripple in Spacetime.

Not only that, but occasionally the message will let you know you’re close to a Deviant. You can determine the source of the notification by pressing Q to activate your Spacetime ability, and you can look around to see what’s in the area. Just be wary, there could be more around than it appears.

How to Find Ripples in Spacetime

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Using your Spacetime ability is the main way you can locate a ripple in spacetime. When you do, it’ll show all scrap and lootable containers within a 25-meter radius. If the Ripple is trying to tell you that you’re close to a chest, it’ll be visible this way after you find where it is in the area. You can spot them without using the ability, but if it’s a Mystical Crate, Spacetime is your best bet.

Spacetime can be used to find posts from other players and find Deviants. You can locate the Whispers left by players without using Spacetime. If you spot one when you’re told about the ripple, it’s likely just because of the Whisper. Posts by other players will be the easiest to spot, while Deviants will pose more of a challenge.

You can’t always find Deviants using Spacetime, so you’ll have to explore until you spot them. Once you’ve activated them, you can interact with them accordingly. Once you’ve found them you can attempt to secure them or attack them for their drops.

That’s all for what the Ripple in Spacetime Detected notification means in Once Human. There are plenty of other tricky things in the game like where to farm iron ore or the best PC settings, so check out some of our other guides.

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