how to fix the nintendo error 2813-9900
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How to Fix Nintendo Error Code 2813-9900

A step-by-step guide for fixing Nintendo's error code 2813-9900.

Nintendo’s services typically run incredibly well. When was the last time you had a major issue with their official site or even the Switch? Still, issues arise every now and then, usually followed by an error code. These don’t divulge much as to what the issue is, not without looking it up. In this case, if you’re experiencing the Nintendo error code 2813-9900, we’ve created a guide for fixing it.

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How To Fix Nintendo Error Code 2813-9900

The Nintendo error code 2813-9900 is an indication that something went wrong between you and the eShop service. It could have been a glitch, a connection error, or a disruption in the online service. From the ground up, let’s work together to fix the problem:

  1. First, restart the Nintendo eShop.

    If it was just a hiccup with the eShop, simply close the app (or close the browser) and restart it. You can be extra thorough by restarting the Switch if that’s what you’re accessing the eShop with.

  2. Now check Nintendo’s network status.

    At the very moment, you attempted to use the eShop for a purchase or browsing, Nintendo may have shut down the server temporarily for maintenance. Naturally, you cannot access it without the server running. You can check up on the status of services by visiting the official network status page.

  3. Restart your modem and or router.

    In the event that Nintendo’s servers are up and running, the error may be coming from your end, such as a bad connection. Locate your modem and router, unplug both for 60 seconds, then plug them back in.

  4. Try a different payment method.

    Since the error code 2813-9900 tends to appear after attempting a purchase with a credit/debit card and redeeming codes, we suggest using a different payment method where applicable. Either way, you should also ensure that you have enough funds to make a purchase.

With that, you now have everything you need to know in order to fix Nintendo error code 2813-9900. If all else fails, come back in an hour and try again. For more Nintendo-related content, go check out the newest Super Mario Bros. movie trailer. What are your thoughts on voice acting? Do you think Pokemon is in dire need of voice acting?

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