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How to Farm XP in The First Descendant

Let's level up quickly.

Spending hours trying to earn XP and level up is never great fun. So, here is a guide where you can learn how to farm XP in The First Descendant. We’ll list all the best ways to do so, ensuring you can get back to looting and shooting!

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Ways to Farm XP in The First Descendant

The best way to earn XP quickly in The First Descendant is by clearing Resource Defense missions. These are missions that you can unlock by clearing an entire area. By this, we mean completing all story-related quests, unlocking the fast travel points, and finishing all those missions that are listed as required.

For example, one area that is quite efficient for farming XP early on is Kingston. Its related Resource Defense mission is the perfect way to level up quickly, not having to worry about going out on your own to find new quests or having to spend time trying to take down difficult bosses.

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Resource Defense missions are all about fighting several waves of enemies. Basically, you defend an area against enemies who grow stronger the more you take them down. Successfully defeating a wave earns you plenty of XP. The more you are able to withstand several waves of enemies, the more XP, gold, and materials you will be able to take home.

You don’t even have to worry too much about dying, since in the case of Resource Defense missions, you will be simply teleported back to Albion. You can also decide to leave a mission early, in case you are not doing so well, after defeating one wave. Back in Albion, you can sell or use whatever loot you have. As the game’s online hub, you can also find teammates for the next waves of enemies to have a better fighting chance.

Naturally, the more you unlock Resource Defense missions in advanced areas, the more you’ll level up. In the case of Kingston, this is a low-level area. Don’t expect to be able to reach the max level, but you’ll still gain dozens of levels without much trouble.

That’s all we have for you on how to farm XP in The First Descendant. For more guides on the game, check out our tier list and codes guide. We’ve also got tips on how to unlock Ultimate Bunny and how to activate cross save.

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