What Is the Max Level in The First Descendant?

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The First Descendant is the latest looter shooter on the market, with plenty to keep you occupied. Playing the game will see you quickly gain experience, but what is the maximum level in The First Descendant? Let’s take a look.

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The First Descendant Max Level

The First Descendant has two different leveling systems, and as a result, there are two separate level caps.

The first system, Descendant Level, is tied to a specific character. Meanwhile, the Mastery Rank represents your overall progression.

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As you play through the game, your Descendant Level for each individual character will max out at Level 40. Meanwhile, your Mastery Level will cap out at 30.

Your Descendant Level will grant you what you’d expect from leveling up any character, namely boosts to your stats and new skills for that specific character.

Your Mastery Rank, however, will grant you additional perks throughout the game. These include increased storage capacity for items and equipment, unique abilities, and even legendary weapons.

One thing to keep in mind is that the two leveling systems vary in another key way: Descendant Levels are automatic. While you will gain Mastery experience as you progress through your games, you’ll need to take an extra step to actually level up. To level up your Mastery Rank, you’ll have to head to Albion and increase your rank at Prime Hands.

You can gain experience through a variety of methods in The First Descendant. This includes defeating bosses and completing missions. Due to the difference in leveling systems, it’s always worth making a detour to Albion when you have the chance.

It’s worth prioritizing Mastery over Descendant Rank, as Mastery will offer greater bonuses for all your characters. If possible, it might be worth switching between a variety of characters to have a few different characters at similar levels, rather than putting all your effort into one character.

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