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How To Complete Locate Sonorous Lithosphere Mission in Starfield

Land, scan, rinse, repeat.

The Constellation Mission Board provides a relaxed way of being able to acquire some extra experience points and credits. All that’s required is a little bit of patience, and a willingness to travel around a bit. Unfortunately, the mission descriptions can be a bit vague, to say the least. Here’s all you need to know regarding how to complete the Locate Sonorous Lithosphere missions in Starfield.

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Where to Find The Locate Sonorous Lithosphere Mission in Starfield

The Locate Sonorous Lithosphere mission can be found by interacting with the Constellation Mission Board terminal in The Lodge. The terminal is found in the basement of The Lodge, so to get there you’ll need to head down the stairs on your right as you first enter The Lodge. The terminal is against the far wall in the room where you’ll also find a host of other crafting stations.

Constellation Mission Selection in Starfield
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When you access the terminal, you’ll find a randomly generated selection of 4 missions. Each one will require you to seek out a different planetary trait. The Locate Sonorous Lithosphere mission won’t always be on the board, but all the missions from the Constellation Mission Board work the same way.

You can take as many missions as you want from the board at once, and a new mission will become available as soon as you complete one of the others.

What Is The Fastest Way to Complete The Locate Sonorous Lithosphere Mission in Starfield?

The Locate Sonorous Lithosphere mission requires you to head to a specific star system and find a planet with the Sonorous Lithosphere trait. Unfortunately, the location of the Sonorous Lithosphere trait is randomly generated, so it will require a bit of legwork. Thankfully, there are ways to make the process much quicker and easier.

The mission’s name will tell you which star system you need to head to, so it will be generated as Locate Sonorous Lithosphere in [system]. Once you’ve accepted the mission, you can select it from your menu and use fast travel to go straight to the system.

Planet data in Starfield
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The first thing you will want to do when you reach the system is take note of all the planets that have traits on them when you hover over them to view their resources and other data. Traits appear as question marks (?) in circles underneath the resources on the planet’s datasheet. Both planets and moons can have traits, and either of them could have the Sonorous Lithosphere trait required to complete the mission.

From there on, it’s just a case of landing on each planet and scanning around until you find the Sonorous Lithosphere trait. Open up your resource scanner with LB on Xbox once you land on a planet and scan around for any ‘Unknown’ points of interest on the map. Clicking on the icon will reveal what kind of landmark it is. Sonorous Lithospheres are ‘Natural’ landmarks, so once you find one, start heading toward it.

Natural landmark on Scanner in Starfield
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Once you reach the landmark, you’ll find natural structures highlighted in blue on your scanner. Get up close and scan them to reveal the trait.

If you still have traits to reveal on the planet but don’t see any nearby natural landmarks on your scanner, head back to the planet map and quick travel to a different area on another side of the planet.

Keep doing this for every planet in the system and you’ll soon find the Sonorous Lithosphere trait that you need to complete the mission. Once you do find it, the mission will automatically be completed and you’ll receive the money and experience points straight away.

Now you know how to complete the locate Sonorous Lithosphere missions in Starfield, as well as any other missions you’ll pick up from the Constellation Mission Board. Carry on reading our other guides down below for tips on other subjects like how to get credits fast in the game.

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