How to Bury Fruit in Dinkum

A guide on how to bury fruit in Dinkum.


Welcome to the Outback-inspired life simulator Dinkum, where you’ll find creatures and plants that would be right at home in Australia. Dinkum is essentially a cutesy combination of Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing. And just like those titles, Dinkum allows you to plant fruits, among other plantlife. If you’re having trouble figuring it out, here’s our helpful guide on how to bury fruit in Dinkum.

How to Bury Fruit in Dinkum

It should be as easy as diggin a hole and dropping the fruit in, right? Well, it is. However you’re skipping a few prerequisites before you can bury fruit in Dinkum. You also need to be aware of the difference in soil.

For starters, you need the right license, which applies to most everything in Dinkum. If you want to, say, build a bridge, you’ll need the correct license. In the case of digging holes (yes, you need a permit for that), purchase the Excavation License.

  1. Obtain Permit Points.

    Generally speaking, playing the game will net you Permit Points. Complete quests, milestones, activities, and converse with the nearby NPCs.

  2. Purchase the Excavation License and a Shovel from John, the traveling trader.

    The Excavation License and Shovel cost 500 and 900 Dinks, respectively. In total, you’ll need 1,400 Dinks to obtain both.

  3. Find a good place to dig a hole, along with a fruit to bury.

    If it has the “bury” tag, then it can be buried. Cooked fruit, for example, does not have it.burying-fruit-in-dinkum

  4. Place the fruit inside the hole; the default keybind is Q.

  5. Cover the hole with dirt, using your newly bought shovel.

    Either provide the dirt yourself or use what you’ve excavated.

Burying fruit is possible with various types of soil. So long as you have dirt, sand, red sand, or mud, you can dig a hole for fruits to be buried in.

As you may have realized, knowing how to bury fruit in Dinkum is quite straightforward. The confusion is primarily caused by the permits. If you’d like to try out a new spin on gardening sims, give the adorable Garden Story a try or see what other indie titles are available to sink several hours into.

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