False Dragon Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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How to Beat the False Dragon Titan in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Here's how to take down the False Dragon Titan in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Players have three different quest lines to follow as they make their way through the Paldea region, and one of them includes battling creatures called Titan Pokemon along the way. This guide may be the baddest beast of them all, which is why we’re going to walk you through how to beat the False Dragon Titan in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Where to Find False Dragon Titan Location

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Dragon Titan
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All signs point to Casseroya Lake on your map, as marked by the Titan indicator, but you’re actually going to want to make your way to the middle of the lake to initiate this encounter. Once you reach the island, you’ll notice a mixture of yellow and red/pink creatures called Tatsugiri — this is important, as one of those tiny dragons holds the key to what’s next.

Once you’ve arrived at this tiny island, you’ll want to find Tatsugiri. Though, not just any Tatsugiri. This one is screaming, “Taitaaan!” If you engage it, the real False Dragon Titan will appear in the form of Dondozo. Then, the battle will commence and follow the same pattern as the previous Titan Pokemon.

Titan False Dragon Scarlet & Violet
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Once weakened enough, Dondozo will swim away. Fortunately, it doesn’t travel far, and once it powers up using Herba Mystica, Arven will join you for Round Two. While this makes dealing with the Titan significantly easier, I would recommend going into battle with Pokemon a bit higher than my Level 41 Mabosstiff you see above. The end result was the same as every other, but it’s probably a tad more tedious if you’re going in with lower-level creatures.

False Dragon Titan Pokemon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company via Twinfinite

Once Dondozo is dispatched, the Tatsugiri that was swallowed whole moments ago will re-emerge from the depths, and you, alongside Arven, will have to handle business once more. Once that’s done, Arven cooks up another (presumably) delicious meal, your legendary Pokemon gains the ability to scale cliffs and walls (if this is your fifth Titan defeated), and the story continues.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat the False Dragon Titan in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For more in-game tips, Twinfinite is the place to be. So check out our other guides, including how to beat the Quaking Earth Titan and where to buy Quick Balls, as well as endless information at the links below.

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