Horizon Zero Dawn: All Ancient Vessel Locations Guide

All Ancient Vessel Locations Guide – Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Ancient Vessels are littered all around the world, and resemble the often battered remains of a mug from our time. Of course, with everything that’s old and rare there’s someone who will offer good money for them, so grabbing them all will be well worth your time in Horizon Zero Dawn.

There are 12 different Ancient Vessels to find littered around Horizon Zero Dawn’s world. These are broken down into three sets, and once a set is complete, you can trade them with the Artifact Collectibles Specialty Merchant in Meridian.

However, it’s well worth visiting him before you even begin hunting down the Ancient Vessels in Horizon Zero Dawn. Speak to him, offer to trade, and you can buy a map upgrade that reveals the locations of all of the Ancient Vessels in the game. This will make it a lot easier for finding them on your own, but if you want a helping hand pinpointing their locations, check out our Ancient Vessels location descriptions below.

  • Wayfarers – Head to the Devil’s Thirst Tallneck and make your way north. After a while, you should find yourself in an area with a ton of road signs and traffic lights right by a river. Your Focus should automatically highlight an ancient debris pile nearby. Check this to find the Wayfarers Ancient Vessel.
  • Dronehop Head west out of the Devi’s Thirst bandit camp and cross the bridge. As soon as you do, start looking to your left. You should find an ancient debris pile pops up into your vision, marked with a pink item symbol. Search this to get the Dronehop Ancient Vessel.
  • USRC Make your way to Devil’s Grief on the far east side of the map. Make your way directly south west until you hit a campfire near a ruined house. Just to the east, you’ll find another on the other side of a path. Head to the outside of the north wall to find this Ancient Vessel in a debris pile.
  • KZ From the USRC Ancient Vessel, make your way south. Taking a look at your map, you should see a large wooded area just to the west. Follow the east side of this wooded area and keep going down. Between two walls you’ll find an ancient debris pile with this Ancient Vessel in.
  • Arches Make your way to Devil’s Thirst and take the path south. Head over the bridge and then turn right immediately. There’s a section of ruined building here which houses this Ancient Vessel.
  • Miriam When completing the Revenge of the Nora mission, you can find this collectible on one of the cultist’s that you’ll take down at the first camp. Look for the pink colored item symbol over their body.
  • Odyssey – This one can be found in the middle of the excavation site once you’ve cleared it out enemies in the The City of the Sun quest.
  • Sterling – Malkeet – Found inside the Shattered Kiln bandit camp nearby the campfire once you’ve cleared it out.
  • Metallurgic – On your way up to Maker’s End, just before you go through the large archway, this ancient vessel can be found in a container on the floor at the foot of the right post.
  • Thunderheads – You’ll find this on the path during the Maker’s End quest after you’ve cleared the second excavation site.
  • Jomei – When you follow the tracks during the The Field of the Fallen quest with Ersa, you’ll find this in an ancient debris site at the top.
  • Faro – Head north west from Meridian and look for the Sawtooth site/ The ancient vessel is on the ground next to a piece of debris that the Sawtooth is guardin by the bridge.

With the Ancient Vessel locations all found in Horizon Zero Dawn, be sure to check out our wiki guide for more tips, walkthroughs, and guides for the game.

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