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Honkai Star Rail: Dan Heng build guide


Honkai Star Rail: Dan Heng build guide

The things he could do with his spear.

Dan Heng, the cold and reserved train guard and archivist of the Astral Express, carries the formidable spear known as Cloud-Piercer. Driven by a desire to leave behind a secluded past, he found solace and purpose within the Express crew. Notably, Dan Heng stands out as the first Hunt character that can be acquired for free during the prologue of Honkai Star Rail. In this article, we will learn the best builds for Dan Heng.

All Dan Heng Ascension Materials in HSR

As a Four-star wind character, Dan Heng follows the path of the hunt, showcasing his exceptional skill in inflicting devastating single-target damage with his ultimate. This requires you to ascend him to the maximum level to unlock the traces needed for you to utilize his damage even further. Here are the ascension materials you need to collect to upgrade him.

RankReq LvCreditMaterialMaterial 2
Extinguished Core x4
Extinguished Core x8
Glimmering Core x5
Storm Eye x2
Glimmering Core x8
Storm Eye x5
Squirming Core x5
Storm Eye x15
Squirming Core x7
Storm Eye x28

Best Dan Heng Build in Honkai: Star Rail

Image Credit: HoYoverse & HSR Wiki via Twinfinite

Let’s break it down a little. In this build, we will be utilizing Dan Heng as a single target damage dealer.

Dan Heng’s Light Cone

For Dan Heng, the 5-star Light Cone “In the Night” is the optimal choice for Dan Heng, considering his role as a Hunt character. With an increase in CRIT Rate ranging from 18% to 30%, this lightcone complements his playstyle perfectly. Its unique effect enhances the damage of his Basic ATK, Skill, and Ultimate based on his SPD. For every 10 SPD that exceeds 100, his Basic ATK and Skill damage are boosted by 6% to 10%, while the CRIT DMG of his Ultimate is increased by 12% to 20%. This stacking effect can reach up to 6 times, empowering Dan Heng to unleash devastating blows with precise speed and precision.

The 5-star lightcone “Cruising in the Stellar Sea” provides a viable option for players seeking a substitute. It increases the wearer’s CRIT rate by 8% to 16%. It grants an additional CRIT rate bonus against enemies with HP below or equal to 50%. Furthermore, when Dan Heng defeats an enemy, his ATK is increased by 20% to 40% for 2 turns, further amplifying his damage potential.

As a free-to-play alternative, the lightcone “Swordplay” can be considered. Its unique effect rewards consistent targeting of the same enemy, progressively increasing Dan Heng’s damage by 8% to 16% with each hit, stacking up to 5 times. However, the stack effect resets when he changes targets. While not as versatile as the higher-tier options, “Swordplay” still provides a noticeable damage boost when utilized effectively.

Dan Heng’s Relic

The relic “Eagle of Twilight Line” is the most optimal choice for Dan Heng, providing valuable benefits to enhance his performance. With a 2-piece set bonus that increases Wind DMG by 10% and the 4-piece set bonus of “Eagle of Twilight Line” is particularly advantageous for Dan Heng. After he uses his Ultimate, his action is Advanced Forward by 25%.

When paired with the 2-piece set “Space Sealing Station,” the synergy is notable. This set enhances Dan Heng’s ATK by 12%. Furthermore, when his SPD reaches 120 or higher, his ATK receives an additional 12% boost. Additionally, the 2-piece set “Celestial Differentiator” complements the build. By increasing the wearer’s CRIT Rate by 8%, it enhances Dan Heng’s chances of landing critical hits. When his current CRIT Rate reaches 80% or higher, his Basic ATK and Skill DMG receive a significant 20% increase. This synergy further emphasizes the importance of building up CRIT Rate and maximizing damage potential.

Dan Heng’s Team Comp

Dan Heng will be the single target DPS in this team comp. This setup basically slows down the enemy while buffing Dan Heng. Using Tingyun as speed buffer and Welt as debuffer for the enemy. Lastly, Natasha for the team’s sustainability just incase the enemy is tanky.

Traces Priority

Ethereal Dream

Deals Wind DMG equal to 240%–480% of Dan Heng’s ATK to a single enemy. If the enemy is Slowed, the Ultimate’s DMG multiplier increases by 72%–144%.

Cloudlancer Art: Torrent

Deals Wind DMG equal to 130%–325% of Dan Heng’s ATK to a single enemy.
On a CRIT Hit, there is a 100% base chance to reduce the target’s SPD by 12% for 2 turn(s).

Superiority of Reach

When Dan Heng is the target of an ally’s Ability, his next attack’s Wind RES PEN increases by 18%–45%. This effect can be triggered again after 2 turn(s).

Cloudlancer Art: North Wind
Normal Attack

Deals Wind DMG equal to 50%–130% of Dan Heng’s ATK to a single enemy.

Players should prioritize Dan Heng’s ultimate skill because it deals powerful Wind damage based on his ATK to a single enemy. If the enemy is Slowed, the damage multiplier increases, making it even more effective. His skill, on the other hand, deals solid Wind damage and has a chance to reduce the enemy’s SPD on a critical hit. Prioritizing the ultimate allows him to unleash devastating bursts of damage. At the same time, the skill offers consistent damage and the ability to slow down enemies, giving him control over the battle.

That is everything you need to know about Dan Heng’s build. For more on the game, additional tips, guides, and information, be sure to check out the links below. We’ve also had an article on Seele build guide and Yanqing build guide available if you need tips for these characters.

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