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Asta is a highly capable Fire character in Honkai: Star Rail, who serves as the lead astronomer and lead researcher of Herta Space Station. Her character kit may look underwhelming at the beginning, but with the right build, team comp, and utilizing her passive can make a massive difference. In this article, we will learn the best builds for Asta

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All Asta Ascension Materials

In order for Asta to function properly and effieciently as a support. It would be best if you ascended her to the maximum level to unlock the traces essential for her kit. Here are her ascension materials you need to collect to upgrade her.

RankReq LvCreditMaterialMaterial 2
1203200Silvermane Medal x 4
2306400Silvermane Medal x 12
34012800Silvermane Insignia x 5
Endotherm Chitin x 2
45032000Silvermane Insignia x 10
Endotherm Chitin x 6
56064000Silvermane Medal x 4
Endotherm Chitin x 16
670128000Silvermane Medal x 6Endotherm Chitin x 28

Best Asta Build in Honkai: Star Rail

Asta Build Honkai Star Rail
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Let’s break it down a little. Asta is primarily a support unit that possesses the ability to increase the damage output of everyone on the team while also speeding everyone up, much like her 5-star counterpart, Bronya.

Asta’s Light Cone

The Light Cone “But The Battle Isn’t Over” provides some helpful abilities for Asta’s build. Its Superimposed ability offers a 10% Energy Regeneration Rate boost. It restores one Skill Point for the team when they use their Ultimate on an ally. This effect can be triggered after every two uses of the user’s Ultimate. Additionally, when Asta uses her skill, the next ally to act deals 30% more DMG for one turn. This is useful as it allows Asta’s Ultimate to be available more often.

Asta’s Ultimate increases SPD by 36 for two turns, which can be combined with the DMG boost to take down enemies quickly. There are no other viable 5-star Light Cone substitutes for Asta’s build at launch, which means players may have to rely on 4-star options such as Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds, and Memories of the Past. Carve the Moon provides a 10% ATK boost, Weave the Clouds offers a 12% CRIT DMG increase. These choices can be a viable substitute for its 5-star counterpart.

Asta’s Relic

To optimize Asta’s build in Honkai: Star Rail as a support character, players should focus on the Thief of Shooting Meteor or Firesmith of Lava-Forging Relic sets. The Firesmith of Lava-Forging set is a primary choice to increase Asta’s damage output. The two-piece bonus increases Fire DMG by 10%, and the four-piece bonus boosts their skill DMG by 12%. After using the Ultimate, the user’s Fire DMG is boosted by 12% for the following turn, allowing Asta to contribute more damage output right after fulfilling her main job as a support with her Ultimate.

The Thief of Shooting Meteor set is the secondary option. It boosts Break Effect by 20% with two pieces and an additional 20% with four pieces, allowing Asta to take advantage of Fire DoT. Moreover, whenever the user inflicts a Weakness Break, they will regenerate three Energy points, which aligns with Asta’s focus on Energy Regeneration to keep her Ultimate available.

Asta’s Team comp

Asta can be paired with Tingyun as they will synchronize well with buffing your main DPS. Natasha or March 7th can be the team’s primary healer/shielder. Lastly, the optimal single target DPS can be Seele since Asta and Tingyun can buff her attack, and Seele has the ability to attack again after she defeats an opponent.

Traces Priority


Astral Blessing

Meteor Storm

Spectrum Beam
Normal Attack

When building Asta in Honkai: Star Rail, players should prioritize her skills based on their contribution to the team. Asta’s Talent, Astrometry, should come first. This skill allows Asta to gain stacks of Charging by hitting different enemies, granting a 7% ATK bonus to all allies for every stack, up to a total of five times. This makes her a great support character as she can constantly buff allies. The second priority should be Asta’s Ultimate, Astral Blessing, which increases all allies’ SPD by 36 for two turns.

The next priority is leveling her Skill, Meteor Storm, which may deal less damage compared to a DPS character but grants Asta stacks of Charging that further boost the team’s ATK stats. Finally, players should level her Basic Attack, which can also generate Skill Points and inflict Burn on enemies with the Sparks node. Overall, by prioritizing Asta’s Talents and abilities, players can create an effective support character that can help their team succeed in Honkai: Star Rail.

That is everything you need to know about Asta’s build. For more on the game, additional tips, guides, and information, be sure to check out the links below. We’ve also had an article on Herta Space Station treasure chest locations and Honkai Star Rail: All Jarilou-VI Treasure Locations available if you need materials to level up characters.

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