FIFA 19: How to Fake Shot

How to Do a Fake Shot in FIFA 19

FIFA games always have a simple goal: score the most goals. EA Sports‘ FIFA 19 is no different. But while that goal, quite literally, may be simple, how you accomplish it will vary when you start to play better players, as there are numerous different ways to score shots effectively. However, one particularly useful skill to learn in the game is the fake shot, providing you a little bit of extra room to get off a shot if a defender is nearby. Here’s what you need to know to do a fake shot in FIFA 19.

Fake shots are just as they sound, as you act like you’re shooting, pulling the ball away at the last second. This method is an effective way to lure an opponent into lunging or diving toward you, providing your player with an opening to take advantage of.

Whether faking out a defender or even the opposing keeper in a 1 on 1, fake shots can mean the difference between retaining possession to take an open shot and getting wrecked by the other player.

In order to do a fake shot in FIFA 19, you’ll need to be quick on the draw. Instead of simply pressing one button, or two at once, fake shots require you to press Circle/ B as you normally would for a shot, but instantly press X / A straight after.

Make sure to position the left analog stick in the direction you wish to fake the opposition out in as well, since it will turn you that way. As with any mechanic that involves tricks, the fake shot will take a combination of practice and timing to really get down.

That is how to do a fake shot in FIFA 19. For more tips and tricks and other use FIFA 19 information, be sure to check out our FIFA 19 wiki.

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