Does John Wick Die in John Wick 4? Answered

We reveal whether or not John Wick dies in Chapter 4.

Keanu Reeves in John Wick 4
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John Wick Chapter 4 is just about here, and it’s already generating lots of discussion–and questions– among movie fans. The biggest question we’ve seen people ask is: Does John Wick die in John Wick Chapter 4? Read on for the answer, but please be warned that major spoilers follow.

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John Wick’s Fate in Chapter 4

Yes, John Wick does appear to die in John Wick Chapter 4. Before we can discuss the actual scene, though, we need to provide some important context.

Earlier in the movie, John meets with High Table member Marquis Vincent de Gramont and challenges him to a duel. The Marquis spends most of the story hunting John down and killing anyone who gets in his way, so he seizes this opportunity to use the bounty on John to his advantage. But for John, challenging the Marquis to single combat is the only way for him to leave his life as the Baba Yaga. According to the Old Ways (long-standing assassin traditions), John can properly start a new life if he bests the Marquis in a duel. The Marquis, all too aware of John’s reputation as an impossible-to-beat fighter, enlists every assassin in Paris to make sure his opponent doesn’t live long enough to duel.

Following a lengthy fight for his life against nearly every hitman in Paris, John stumbles down the steps and eventually collapses. The next scene finds Winston (Ian McShane) and the Bowery King (Lawrence Fishburne) gazing at John’s grave and discussing his legacy.

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All Deaths in John Wick Chapter 4

The body count in John Wick Chapter 4 is high, easily the highest in the franchise. Here are all of the notable deaths in John Wick Chapter 4:

  • The Elder – Shot in the head by John Wick in the first act.
  • Charon – Murdered by the Marquis Vincent de Gramont to make a point.
  • Shimazu Koji – Killed in single combat by Caine.
  • Killa – Cracks his head open on a staircase after John knocks him from a club balcony.
  • Chidi – Shot in the head by the Tracker/Mr. Nobody
  • Marquis Vincent de Gramont – Shot in the head by John.
  • John Wick – Succumbs to his wounds after fighting off every assassin in Paris.

So there you have it! That’s all you need to know about whether John dies in John Wick Chapter 4, as well as every major death in the movie.

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