Can You Play CS2 on Linux? Answered

Will the Linux support continue on?

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The Counter Strike series has entered the modern era, revamping its graphics and gameplay with its highly-anticipated second installment. However, since the engines have been upgraded, some wonder if CS2 is playable on Linux. We’re here to explain whether or not you can experience the game on this version to get you started on this next chapter.

Is Counter Strike 2 on Linux?

Although the game was only playable on Windows during the beta, Counter Strike 2 can be played on Linux as long as you meet the minimum requirements for this latest version. According to its official Steam page, players must include these features in their system.

CS2 Linux Minimum Requirements

TypesMinimum Requirements
OSUbuntu 20.04
Processor4 Hardware CPU threads – Intel Core i5 750 or higher
Memory8 GB RAM
GraphicsAMD GCN+ or NVIDIA Kepler+ with up-to-date Vulkan drivers. Support for VK_EXT graphics_pipeline_library highly recommended
Storage85 GB available space
Sound CardHighly recommended

It should be noted that many players have indicated issues with the audio through Linux, as well as other trouble areas. Fortunately, some users have found a few resolutions to these problems, including stutter flickering and switching monitor issues.

Reddit user iKnowNoBetter recommends disabling all but one of your monitors for stuttering occurrences, as multiple platforms can cause these inconveniences. You can also check if the servers are down for any connection problems that you may have encountered.

Those still experiencing errors with the Linux version may need to wait until Valve implements a more suitable program, especially since it wasn’t a part of the early limited testing. A patch for a fix will likely happen due to the outreach for this system from players, but there has been no new information on that front as of right now.

That covers everything you need to know about CS2’s Linux support, and you can explore more content about the game by checking out the relevant links below, including whether or not you can play Counter Strike 2 left-handed.

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