Phantom Necro Tarisland
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Best Tarisland Phantom Necro Build

Time to snatch some souls and use them for your own ends!

The Soul Snatch build for the Phantom Necro class is the best Phantom Necro build in Tarisland for any aspiring Necromancers. Read on to discover what abilities and talents to spec into!

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As with all other classes in Tarisland, the Phantom Necro had two specializations, Soul snatch and Soul Healing. While Soul Healing is a great way to support other players during Raids, the Soul Snatch is the better choice if you want to deal the highest DPS possible. Below we go over the best Abilities, Talents, and Ultimates to make your Soul Snatch Phantom Necro the best they can be.

Best Tarisland Phantom Necro Build: Soul Necro

The Soul Snatch is the best build for the Phantom Necro class in Tarisland because it has the potential to deal huge amounts of damage while also being versatile enough to handle most situations when playing solo or otherwise.

Here are some of the most important Abilities to focus on for the Soul Snatch Phantom Necro in Tarisland:

  • Soul Arrow: Deal 55% Magic damage and grant you a 10% chance to gain one Soul Energy. This will be your most frequent damage dealer. As you’ll be relying on your summoned minion for a lot of your damage output, the Soul Arrow ability is essential for keeping your Soul Energy topped off.
  • Bone Spirit: Consume one Soul Energy to cast this spell on the targeted enemy, dealing Magic damage equal to 165% of your attack. when your Soul Energy is higher than five, the skill will change and allow you to summon a Wraith to assist you in the battle for 15 seconds. If you manage your Soul Energy correctly, you can always have a supply of minions to fight at your command.
  • Shadow Blade: Swing at the target, dealing 326% of your attack, and gain five Soul Energy. This is a great way of quickly and reliably getting the Soul energy you need to summon Wraiths.
  • Soultrap: Extract the soul from a target, attacking the enemy twice in quick succession and gaining an equal amount of healing. You also gain three Soul Energy. This is a great skill for survivability and adding to your Soul Energy meter.
Phantom Necro using Bone Spirit ability in Tarisland
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Best Tarisland Phantom Necro Talents

We recommend optimizing your build around the Soul Arrow ability, as this will increase your damage output and give you a greater amount of Soul Energy, which is needed to ensure you can summon Wraiths on the battlefield.

With that in mind, here are the Talents you should focus on:

  • Haunted: For every 15 Souls collected, the next Soul Arrow becomes Soul Arrow+, dealing more damage.
  • Refine Soul Arrow: Soul Arrow inflicts 10% more damage and Soul Arror+ also inflicts 10% additional damage.
  • Mesmerizing: After you cast Soul Arrow+, you gain a 45% chance of increasing your Soul energy by 1.
  • Soul Reap: After you cast Shadow Blade, the next Soul Arrow or its + variant increases its damage by 50% and you gain a 100% chance to get one extra Soul.
Phantom Necro close-up in Tarisland
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Best Tarisland Phantom Necro Ultimates

To get the best out of your Phantom Necro in Tarisland, you’ll need to stay alive and out of danger for as long as possible. You’ll also want to ensure you can maintain a buildup of Soul Energy and deal damage from afar. Because of this, we recommend the following Ultimates to focus on:

  • Borrowed Time: For six seconds, a percentage of damage taken is converted to healing, which can heal you up to 30% of your max HP.
  • Styx Pulse: Knockback all nearby enemies. This is highly useful for making a quick escape when you are being overwhelmed with enemies in melee range.

That’s all there is to know about the best Phantom Necro build in Tarisland. If you’re looking for similar build guides, check out the Best Tarisland Mage Build and the Best Tarisland Ranger Build. For more similar content, head over to our 10 Best Tips for Tarisland here.

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