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Best Build for Rina in Zenless Zone Zero

The best Rina build in Zenless Zone Zero

Rina is one of the Electric Characters in ZZZ. She is an S-Rank agent who is a part of Victoria Housekeeping Co. Although she can deal some decent amount of damage, she is mainly a support fighting style character. This guide will tell you what the best build for Rina is in Zenless Zone Zero.

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Best Rina ZZZ Build: W-Engines

W-Engines are the core equipment for your Agent’s kit as they provide immense support. Rina wants Energy generation and Anomaly damage bonuses from her W-Engines. Here are some of the best ones that bring out Rina’s full potential: 

Weeping Cradle

Best W Engines for Rina build weeping cradle overview
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The best choice for Rina is Weeping Cradle, an S-Rank W-Engine. When off the field, the equipper’s Energy Regeneration increases over time. Their attacks increase the team’s damage against the targeted enemy by 10% for three seconds. Every half-second during this period, this effect grows stronger, up to a maximum additional increase. Using this ability again only refreshes its duration without increasing the damage again. Since energy regen is crucial for T1 Rina, this is the best W-Engine for her.

Slice of Time

Best W engines for Rina build Slice of Time stats
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An alternative to the Weeping Cradle is Slice of Time, an A-Rank W-Engine. When a squad member dodges, uses EX Special Attack, assists in an attack, or performs a chain attack, they generate extra Decibels, also giving the equipper 0.7 to 1.1 Energy. This effect can only trigger once every 12 seconds, and each type of attack has its own cooldown. 

[Reverb] Mark II

Best W engines for Rina build Reverb Mark stats
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Another alternative for Rina would be [Reverb] Mark II, a B Rank W-Engine. When using an EX Special or Chain Attack, all squad members’ Anomaly Mastery and Anomaly Proficiency increase for 10 seconds. This effect can only trigger once every 20 seconds, and passive effects of the same name do not stack.

Best Rina ZZZ Build: Drive Discs

Disc drives improve your Agent’s stats by boosting the equipment. Since there are a total of six slots, you get a four-piece set and a two-piece set. Here is the Drive Disc combination I would recommend for Rina:

4 Set: Freedom Blues

When you use an EX Special Attack and hit an enemy, their Anomaly Buildup RES drops by 20% for eight seconds, based on your Agent’s ability. This effect does not stack with others of the same attribute.

2 Set: Thunder Metal

It increases the Electric Damage by 10%.

For the most effective setup, focus on the following Main Stats:

  • Slot 4: Anomaly Proficiency
  • Slot 5: Penetration Ratio% 
  • Slot 6: Energy Regen%

Here are the Sub Stats in order of importance:

  1. Anomaly
  2. ATK%
  3. Penetration

Best Rina ZZZ Build: Bangboo

Bangboo adds some more strategy options for the Agent. Following are two recommended options for Rina, and they both are S Rank Bamboos:

Rina best bangboo safety
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  • Safety: If your team consists of at least two Belobog Characters, the Bangboo Chain attack’s DMG is increased by 20%. Additionally, if the target is Burning or Shocked, this buff is further increased by 20%. Safety also does a multi-hit drilling attack that deals massive physical damage.
  • Electoboo: Electoboo will boost your team’s electric damage and anomaly build up, while also dealing some serious damage by itself. Early game consists of robots weak to electric damage so Electoboo will help you clear out that content a lot more easily.

There is no hard and fast rule for Relina’s build; you should try different builds for her to suit your playstyle and team requirements. Try out various W-Engines, Disc Drives, and Bangboo to find out what the best setup is for you.  

That’s all for this guide. Since you are here, you may also want to check out our other articles on Zenless Zone Zero. This includes ZZZ’s Tier List and Codes. Also check our best builds for for Soldier 11, Koleda, and Lycaon.

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