All Star Wars Imperial Ranks, Listed

A complete list of all Star Wars Imperial Ranks.

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In the Star Wars Universe, the Empire’s military and government have a long and storied history. We’ve seen Moffs, Admirals, and Directors, among other ranks and titles, making it hard to track and make sense of it all. Here’s a complete list of all the Star Wars Imperial Ranks.

All Imperial Ranks in Star Wars

  • Imperial Navy
    • The Imperial Navy consists of the space military forces aboard ships and vessels and is the largest of the branches. Notables: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Admiral Piett, Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax
      • Lord Admiral
      • Grand Admiral
      • Fleet Admiral
      • Admiral
      • Vice Admiral
      • Rear Admiral
      • Commodore
      • Captain
      • Commander
      • Lieutenant Commander
      • Lieutenant
      • Lieutenant Junior Grade
      • Ensign
      • Command Flight Sergeant
      • Master Flight Sergeant
      • Flight Sergeant
      • Flight Corporal
      • Crewman
      • Recruit
  • Imperial Army
    • The Imperial Army consists of the rank and file ground military troops that work in conjunction with the Imperial Navy to safeguard the Empire’s territories. Notables: General Veers, General Tagge, Colonel Bergon
      • Lord General
      • Grand General
      • Command General
      • General
      • Lieutenant General
      • Major General
      • Brigadier General
      • Colonel
      • Lieutenant Colonel
      • Major
      • Captain
      • First Lieutenant
      • Second Lieutenant
      • Command Sergeant
      • Master Sergeant
      • Sergeant
      • Corporal
      • Private
      • Recruit
  • Imperial Intelligence
    • The Imperial Intelligence branch is a largely civilian organization of the Empire tasked to identify and analyze threats to the Empire via external sources. Notables: Ysanne Isard, Director Krennic
      • Director
      • Deputy Director
      • Bureau Chief
      • Assistant Bureau Chief
      • Chief
      • Assistant Chief
      • Special Agent
      • Staff Agent
      • Senior Agent
      • Agent
      • Junior Agent
      • Trainee
  • Imperial Security Bureau (ISB)
    • The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) was charged with guarding the internal security of the Empire and maintaining the loyalty of its citizens. Notables: Agent Kallus, Lieutenant Dedra Meero, Colonel Yularen.
      • Director
      • Vice Director
      • Colonel
      • Lieutenant Colonel
      • Major
      • Lieutenant
      • Senior Agent
      • Agent
      • Sergeant
      • Corporal
      • Trooper
  • Regional Government
    • Regional Government ranked officials oversaw and governed the various systems of the galaxy under Imperial rule. Notables: Grand Moff Tarkin, Moff Gideon.
      • Grand Moff
      • Moff
      • Sector Adjutant
      • Governor
      • Lieutenant Governor
      • Senior Prefect
      • Prefect
      • Provisional Prefect
      • Chief Superintendant
      • Superintendent
      • Planetary Superintendant
      • Senior Assitant
      • Junior Assistant
      • Recruit

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