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All Romanceable Characters & Gift Preferences in Moonstone Island

From an energetic backsmith to a friendly fisherman, who will you choose to romance?

Moonstone Island has a variety of different characters you can meet and develop your connection with during your year of Alchemist Training. There are eleven romanceable characters in total, each with their unique quirks and personalities, which can determine how difficult they are to win over. If you’re wondering which characters are open to finding love, then we’ve got all the information you’ll need. Follow along below for everything you need to know about all romanceable characters in Moonstone Island, as well as a breakdown of their Gift preferences.

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How Does Romance Work in Moonstone Island? Explained

In Moonstone Island, all residents are romanceable alongside the quirky, island-hopping Magic Man character.

You will be able to speak to individuals using the Talk option for three attempts per in-game day. Doing so will raise your relationship with a character, indicated by the number of hearts next to their name (better known as the Friendship Meter). Once this meter is full, you will find you have a chance of success through the ‘Ask on Date’ option for a character, allowing you to take the first steps toward romancing them.

Romanceable characters in Moonstone Island
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The quickest way to raise Friendship in Moonstone Island is by consistently engaging in daily conversations with your preferred individuals. The Talk option is further broken up into three different methods – Chat, Joke, or Flirt. Chat and Joke are the easiest for raising bonds, while Flirt is a little more risky. Depending on which character you wish to romance, they may have varying success rates for the Talk mechanic as some individuals, like Gaiana, are much more closed off in comparison to someone more bubbly and outgoing, such as Ferra.

The second way in which you can improve your Friendship with characters in Moonstone Island is by Gifting. Every character has unique preferences when it comes to Gifts, which can affect the Friendship gained from this action. Because of this, it’s important to know which Gifts to prioritize for each character, especially since you only get limited attempts when it comes to giving Gifts. Don’t worry, though; we’ve broken down every character’s Gift preferences below.


All Romanceable Characters & Gift Preferences in Moonstone Island
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Cleo is the resident Historian of Moonstone Island and has a love for things that have a strong or intriguing history behind them. Cleo will love anything that most people will usually consider old, disgusting, or uninteresting. She also states that she’s had bad experiences with electricity, so you should avoid giving her any Gift items found on Electric Sky Islands. Lastly, you should also avoid Gifting Cleo flowers, as she has terrible allergies.

The best Gifts for Cleo include:

  • Old Boot – If you’ve reeled one of these in by Fishing around water sources in Moonstone Island or various Sky Islands, it turns out it’s not total garbage. As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.
  • Books – As a Historian, it shouldn’t be any surprise that Cleo loves to study. She’ll be very appreciative of any new material you can provide her.
  • Coal and/or Ash – It seems the Smithy isn’t the only one with an interest in such materials, as Cleo will also gladly accept these unusual Gifts.
  • Treasure Map – If you’ve used one of these and found yourself some treasure, it seems you can still get value from these items by gifting them to Cleo. Again, this isn’t super surprising given the whole Historian thing.


Ossono in Moonstone Island
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Ossono is the first friendly face you’ll meet upon your arrival at Moonstone Island. She’s the owner of the local Tavern where you can often find her working as a bartender alongside Quill. Ossono is very friendly and has a love for flowers and alcohol, both of which make excellent Gifts for her.

While she enjoys alcohol, Ossono seems to be very hit or miss when it comes to food Gifts, as there are multiple fruits and veggies that she’ll find less than appealing. Because of this, it’s best to avoid gifting her food items altogether.

The best Gifts for Ossono include:

  • Beer or Wine – As mentioned above, Ossono is an alcohol enthusiast, so you really can’t go wrong when it comes to gifting her these items.
  • Flax Flower – Flax Flowers are among the most common flower types to find during exploration, as well as some of the easiest to grow. Because of this, they make the perfect quick Gift for Ossono.
  • Stun Flower, Fire Flower or Pinwheel Flower – Almost any flower in the game makes a perfect Gift for Ossono, but these are three of the more easy to find and obtain due to appearing in the first couple seasons of your Alchemist Training. Stun Flowers can be obtained from Electric Sky Islands during the summer, Fire Flowers can be obtained from Fire Sky Islands during the spring, and Pinwheel Flowers can be obtained from Aquatic Sky Islands during the summer.


All Romanceable Characters & Gift Preferences in Moonstone Island
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Ferra is the town blacksmith, carrying a very energetic and optimistic personality with her wherever she goes. In line with her job, Ferra loves Gifts that are linked to her passion for forgery, such as Ingots and Ores. Ferra also has a love for fluffy objects, so items with these qualities make some of the best Gifts for her too.

However, as quirky as she is, Ferra has an odd dislike for objects that are circular shaped, including the very rare Moonstones. Because of this, you should avoid gifting her most circular items.

The best Gifts for Ferra include:

  • Nimbus Plant – The Nimbus plant is extremely poofy and fluffy, making it the perfect item to Gift to Ferra.
  • Cole, Copper, or Iron Ores – Ores are rather easy to obtain through mining at any hidden underground mine across the various Sky Islands of your world. This is the quickest and easiest Gift for Ferra.
  • Cole, Copper, Iron, or Moonstone Ingots – Ingots are a more refined material that you can choose to Gift to Ferra. You can create them by smelting Ores in a Furnace, so if you need a Gift for Ferra, you can simply set your Furnace up at the beginning of the day before heading out for your tasks, and then return to pick it up at the end of the day, saving you a bit of time.


Paolo in Moonstone Island
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Paolo is the town carpenter and generally has a rather relaxed, friendly personality. When you can’t find him at his workshop, chances are you’ll catch him strumming his guitar in a quiet corner of the Tavern. A rather creative soul, Paolo enjoys hand-made Gifts, specifically crafted furniture and items. In contrast, Paolo hates many of the food items, seeming to take a specific dislike towards various Mushrooms and Berries, so be sure to save those items for someone else.

The best Gifts for Paolo include:

  • Crafted Furniture (Tables, Couches, Counters, etc.) – There’s nothing Paolo enjoys seeing more than fine craftsmanship. Creating and gifting more rare crafted items, such as Furniture, will always receive the most positive response from him in return.
  • Crafted Objects (Bridges, Fences, Gates, etc.) – If you’re unable to create some of the fancier crafting recipes, then more simplistic wooden items such as Bridges, Fences, and Gates will impress Paolo too, so these also make great Gifts for him.
  • Wood – It seems Paolo is always appreciative of more materials to use in his woodwork, so if you’re looking for a quick and easy Gift that will be well received, this one is a winner. All you’ll need to do is chop down a tree or two with your axe.


All Romanceable Characters & Gift Preferences in Moonstone Island
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Zed is a scientist located on Moonstone Island who spends his time investigating the mysterious Spirits through detailed research assisted by your discoveries and tamed creatures. He’s generally a quiet and calm guy, but it’s clear he’s both fascinated by and passionate about his work.

Because of this, It’s best to Gift Zed resources used for healing and improving Spirit stats. You’ll also want to avoid both crafty items such as Stones or Materials and Mushrooms due to a nasty allergy. Nobody wants a Gift that they’re allergic to, so definitely avoid passing these along to him.

The best Gifts for Zed include:

  • Beach Peach, Stonefruit, Grumpkin, or Applum  – These are all fruits that improve the stats of Spirits and allow them to recover missing HP. Zed can make good use of these items for his research, so he will always love receiving them as Gifts. Beach Peaches can be found on Water Sky Islands during summer, Stonefruit can be found on Earth Sky Islands during spring, Grumpkins can be found on Poison Sky Islands during fall, and Applums can be found on Earth Sky Islands during fall.
  • Flax Flower – Flax Flowers are another good alternative if you’re unable to find any of the fruits mentioned above, as they are linked to Spirit Research. Flax Flowers can also be obtained right from the beginning of your playthrough, as they are native to Earth Sky Islands during the spring when your Alchemist Training begins. This makes them a relatively quick and easy Gift choice for Zed.
  • Coffee – What kind of busy researcher would Zed be if he didn’t continuously operate on Coffee? Luckily, you can pick some up at the Tavern to help keep his studies going, so this is another great choice.


Rowan in Moonstone Island
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Rowan is responsible for running Moonstone Island’s General Goods Store and is known for their love of crafted or discovered spooky items so that they can face the various fears they struggle with. However, Rowan will dislike items that could be considered dangerous, so you’ll need to be very careful in the Gift choices you select.

Rowan also states that they are fairly incapable when it comes to crafting objects, so materials and Ingots will also be a wasted Gift.

The best Gifts for Rowan include:

  • Balloon  – Though Rowan seems to be quite a nervous and anxious individual, they will appreciate the Gift of a Balloon very much, stating that they are now able to face one of their fears and venture out on their own Sky Island explorations.
  • Skeleplant, Ghostshroomand Bloodroot – These are some of the spookiest (but non-deadly) plants available in the game, so Rowan will naturally appreciate any of them as Gifts. Skeleplants and Ghostshrooms can be obtained from the Psychic Storm, while Bloodroot can be discovered on Dark Sky Islands.
  • Dark Spirit Egg – Dark Spirits are the most creepy little critters in the game, so Gifting Rowan an Egg that they can hatch into a Spirit companion is a great choice. Dark Spirit Eggs can either be obtained your Spirit Barn or as a drop from Wild Spirits that you defeat during your explorations.


All Romanceable Characters & Gift Preferences in Moonstone Island
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Quill is a friendly and creative individual who you’ll frequently find working alongside Ossono in the Tavern. He’s a painter with a love for art and has a love for Gifts that are warm, such as firey plants, spicy food, or heated objects. In contrast to this, he isn’t particularly fond of Gifts that are cold, such as cold plants, Ingots, and objects with a cold temperature.

Additionally, Quill will also react negatively to receiving Moonstone Ingots or Sheets as a gift, as he deems them far too valuable for you to Gift to him.

The best Gifts for Quill include:

  • Cinderfish, Hot Pepper, or Hot Air Fruit  – These are edible items that can be obtained through exploration, all carrying the heated qualities that Quill is so fond of. Cinderfish can be caught by Fishing in water sources found on Fire Sky Islands, Hot Peppers can be found on Fire Sky Islands during spring, and Hot Air Fruit can be gathered from Fire Sky Islands during the summer.
  • Fire Flower, Heat Plant, or Sweater Plant – These are all fire-y warm plants that can be foraged from Fire Sky Islands during various seasons of your Alchemist Training, so they make perfect Gifts for Quill. Fire Flowers can be found during spring, Heat Plants can be found during fall, and Sweater Plants can be discovered during winter.
  • Furnace or Lantern – When it comes to household objects or appliances, it seems Quill’s love for warm things remains. This means that Lanterns or Furnaces, both of which can be crafted with various resources, will be very well received by the friendly painter.


Tobin in Moonstone Island
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Tobin is the cheery and warm-spirited local fisherman of Moonstone Island, often found selling Fishing Rods and various Fishing Hooks at the small shack next to the beach. However, Tobin is one of the residents who has more specific likes and dislikes when it comes to Gifts. As a Fisherman, Tobin loves receiving them as Gifts, and will generally respond well to any species that you give to him, especially if they’re rare

However, there is one Fish that Tobin does not like receiving – the Zenfish. He states that he always tries not to catch them if he can help it and that it breaks his heart to see them out of the water, so perhaps these fish are endangered, or simply so calm and peaceful that he leaves them be. In addition to Zenfish, Tobin seems to have a distaste towards spooky Plants, stating that he’ll re-gift these items to Gaiana, as she will appreciate them more.

The best Gifts for Tobin include:

  • Blobfish or Cinderfish  – These are some of the most difficult and rare Fish to catch in Moonstone Island, so Tobin will naturally be extremely impressed if you manage to reel one of them in. Blobfish can be caught from water sources on Poison Sky Islands, and Cinderfish can be caught from water sources on Fire Sky Islands.
  •  Bunnyfish, Moonfish, or Jewelfish – While Tobin will be appreciative of any fish other than Zenfish, these are some of the best choices to consider if you want a perfect Gift for him during the early stages of your game. Bunnyfish, Moonfish, and Jewelfish can all be caught during the spring, when your Alchemist Training stars, and local to Earth Sky Islands, meaning you can even catch them right from home on Moonstone Island.


All Romanceable Characters & Gift Preferences in Moonstone Island
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Ofelia is a Botanist and resident of Moonstone Island Island who works closely alongside Gaiana, sharing their love and knowledge for plants with the other citizens. Ofelia has a sweet and caring personality, and has a big hobby for crafts, meaning specific materials that she can use in her creative endeavors make the perfect present. However, she has a disinterest and dislike for items involving Spirits, so avoid giving these to her as a Gift.

The best Gifts for Ofelia include:

  • Sea Glass – Sea Glass is the perfect Gift for Ofelia. She will react in a very genuine and appreciative manner in response, as this item can be incorporated into her various craft projects. Sea Glass is a Spirit Resource, meaning it is a potential daily drop that can only be obtained by caring for your Spirits in the Spirit Barn.
  •  Clay – What kind of creative soul can’t put some clay to good use in an artistic project? Ofelia sure can, and she’ll be very thankful to receive this item as a Gift. Much like Sea Glass, Clay is a Spirit Resource, appearing as a potential drop in the Spirit Barn.
  •   Cloth – If you don’t have a Spirit Barn just yet, or you’re having trouble finding the right drops, Cloth is a much quicker and easier item that you can gift to Ofelia with a positive response. Cloth can be crafted from 3x pieces of Fibre, which is obtained by cutting grass or plants with your Scythe tool.


Gaiana in Moonstone Island
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Gaiana is by far the most introverted and guarded resident of Moonstone Island, working as a Herbalist at Ofelia’s side. However, underneath Gaiana’s harsh exterior, there is someone with a heart of gold and a love for plants and flowers. Gaiana has a few favorite plant variants, but will generally be appreciative of any and every plant or flower that you choose to Gift her. On the other hand, she has a strong dislike of Fish, so you should save your catch of the day for Tobin instead!

The best Gifts for Gaiana include:

  • Grumpkin, Prickly Plant, or Yarrow – These three plants are some of the rarer and more difficult to find variants in the game, so Gaiana will be extremely impressed and grateful for receiving them as a gift. Grumpkins can be sourced from Poison Sky Islands in fall, Prickly Plants can be found on Dark Sky Islands in the summer, and Yarrow can be obtained from the Psychic Storm in the spring.
  • Any other plant – Gaiana has a love for every kind of pant you can find on your Alchemist Training explorations, so you really can’t go wrong when picking a flower to Gift. She’ll have the most impressed response from the most rare variants mentioned above, but any other option will also be gladly accepted, with Gaiana stating she can use them for work.
  • Fertilzers – Apart from plants, Gaiana can also use Fertilizers for her work, so any spares that you have laying around in your inventory will also make a great choice of Gift for her.

Magic Man

Magic Man protecting the player from harm
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Magic Man, otherwise known as Waldo, is a friendly yet forgetful guy who plays the role of protector during your adventures. However, it may come as a surprise that Magic Man is also a romanceable option! This magical guy has a love for items that remind him of his original home on Moonstone Island, even though they make him a little sad and nostalgic. In contrast, Magic Man hates items that are considered Junk, so those are much better saved as Gifts for Cleo.

The best Gifts for Magic Man include:

  • Wine or Beer – Magic Man will never turn down a Wine or Beer Gift, stating that he’s very fond of the memories it brings him…What a poor forgetful guy. At least you can rest assured that you’ll bring him immense happiness by stopping by the Tavern to grab one of these for a Gift.
  •  Ossono’s Meal Dishes or Coffee – There’s nothing quite like a home-cooked meal or coffee, and Magic Man is here to appreciate them both. You can pick up either item from the Tavern to prepare the perfect Gift for the next time you run into the quirky dude.

That’s everything you need to know about all the romanceable characters in Moonstone Island and each of their Gift preferences. Now that you know exactly what to Gift each resident, why not check out our guide covering 5 things to do first in the game? This is perfect if you’re just starting your playthrough, and will allow you to pick up many Giftable items along the way.

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