All Roblox Royale High Spring Starlight Halo Answers (2023)

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Another day, another stunning halo to collect in everybody’s favorite role-playing experience on Roblox, Royale High. This time, however, the Spring Starlight halo is up for grabs, but as usual, getting the right answers is only half the battle. Yes, ol’ lady luck plays a big part, too, but if you follow our guide, you’ll maximize your chances of getting your mitts on that shiny, new Valentine’s halo. So, for those wondering, here are all the Royale High Spring Starlight halo answers in Roblox. Let’s get started, shall we?

All Royale High Valentine’s Halo Answers (2023)

It’s worth noting that selecting these specific answers doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the Valentine’s halo in Royale High. Instead, it only maximizes your chances of getting it. Thing is, the halo is not a guaranteed drop even if you choose the right answers. That being said, your chances of getting the Spring Starlight halo are significantly increased when you choose the answers down below:

Updated on 3 March

Amended the answers to two questions.

  • Deciding what to do about Violet and Gurt the pig (Unicorns_Rainbows520) – B
  • Falling through a giant rain puddle into the enchanted forest (Sammyloop11) – A
  • Choosing Violet’s activities in the mystical and overgrown garden (taeatetea) – D
  • Following the arrow in Divinia Park and deciding which way to go (BlaBlues250) – B
  • Choosing a booth at Delilah’s Farmer’s Market (EtheralFlyy) – D
  • Three flower fields (QuillLaLoka) – A
  • Choosing which bunnies to follow in the tunnel (cakeclairecake) – B and D
  • The tulip path (PikachuYAY85) – B
  • Meeting the fairies Wendy and Rowena (lightbulb1970) – B and C
  • Follow the white rabbit (MinoRulez2468 & navygirl1233) – B
  • Heavy rain in Divinia Park (SleepyGoblinz) – C
  • Nature fairy with broken basket (Lexhavvas) – B
  • Honking goose in Divinia Park (Unicorn60100) – B and C
  • Baby chicks following a trail of fake eggs (NotLucyugh) – A
  • Deciding what petting zoo to visit first (Devilandcat) – C

Try and be as patient as you can and don’t give up! It can sometimes take quite a few goes before you get your hands on the much sought-after Valentine’s halo (aka the Spring Starlight halo). Feel free to bookmark this page, and we’ll make sure to keep it up-to-date with the latest information. Good luck!

And, what do you know: that’s everything you need to know about all the Royale High Spring Starlight halo answers in Roblox. For more, here’s an in-depth guide detailing all the Adopt Me pet trade values. Or alternatively, feel free to explore the links below.

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