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All Home Run Simulator 2 Codes (May 2023)

all working home run simulator 2 codes
Image Source: Roblox Corporation

All Home Run Simulator 2 Codes (May 2023)

With these free codes, you won’t be a rookie for long in Home Run Simulator 2.

If you love baseball and Roblox, you’ve got to give Home Run Simulator 2 a try. You’ll go from a rookie, to a hard-hitting MVP, so long as you work on your skills. Practice your swings, boost your strength, speed, and accuracy, and work your way to the top. However, with these Home Run Simulator 2 codes, you won’t have to stop at the very bottom.

All Working Roblox Codes in Home Run Simulator 2

To collect some free in-game rewards, use the following Roblox codes that are still working as of May 2023.

  • JuicyJohn: Redeem this code for a free boost
  • 1million: 10-minute Double Coins boost
  • Spring: Redeems for 25000 Gems
  • Island: 10-minute Super Luck boost
  • HALT: 5-minute Double Coin and Super Luck boosts
  • 1klikes: Redeems for 100k Coins
  • Like and Follow the game for +50 Speed and Power
  • Joining the Halt Studios & Sports Group on Roblox will net you a free Halt Ball and Double XP boost

Keep an eye on this page—bookmark it if you have to. Once the game reaches 5,000 Likes on Roblox, a new code will drop!

All Expired Home Run Simulator 2 Codes

As of May 2023, you can no longer use these codes in the game:

  • None of the codes have expired yet.

As with any code, they won’t last very long. When they grow old, the codes come here to die. Use them while you still can!

How to Redeem Codes In-Game

how to redeem home run simulator 2 codes
Image Source: Roblox Corporation via Twinfinite

Redeeming free stuff in Home Run Simulator 2 is quite easy and straightforward. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open any of the menus on the right-hand side. This will reveal more options to choose from.
  2. Select the Codes button.
  3. Input your desired code and profit! They aren’t case-sensitive, but do get the spelling right.

And there you have it: all the Home Run Simulator 2 codes you could ask for and how to redeem them. I’d hold off on using the free boosts until after you’re ready to practice. For more free codes, you’ll find oodles of codes lists by checking the links below!

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