Collecting a Commemorative Coin
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All Commemorative Coin Locations in Zenless Zone Zero

Coin hunting.

As you dive into the latest gacha RPG, you’ll need to find all Commemorative Coin locations in Zenless Zone Zero. These tokens can be exchanged for rewards to bolster your team, so stumbling across Commemorative Coins in the open world is always helpful. In this guide, we’ll list all the Commemorative Coins locations we’ve found so far.

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Zenless Zone Zero Commemorative Coin Locations List

So far, the only Commemorative Coin we’ve found in Zenless Zone Zero is in the Brant Street Construction Site area. From where you spawn in, head to the main construction site and talk to an NPC called Becky. She tells you that there used to be a vending machine but its coin slot broke, and gives you a coin she found from it.

While we’ve only spotted one Commemorative Coin in Zenless Zone Zero, there seems to be ten of them in each main area. This should include the following locations:

  • Scott Outpost
  • Lumina Square
  • Ballet Twins Road
  • New Eridu Metro

Of course, once we’ve found more Commemorative Coins we’ll update this guide, with a breakdown of where to find them per each area.

Until then, we recommend chatting to as many NPCs as possible in each open area, as they often have Commemorative Coins to give away. You should also complete side quests and look around hidden areas and storage boxes, as they could be lurking anywhere.

Speaking to Sage in a Barrel in Zenless Zone Zero.
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

What Are Commemorative Coins?

Commemorative Coins in Zenless Zone Zero are items you can exchange for rewards. You need to speak to an NPC called Sage in a Barrel, who you find in a trash can outside HIA headquarters in Brant Street. You can trade Commemorative Coins for items and resources – expect to see the likes of Polychrome and Denny there.

That’s all for this guide! For more ZZZ, check out our reroll guide and Godfinger Arcade guide. We’ve also got a Zenless Zone Zero tier list and codes guide.

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