All Bosses in Hi-Fi Rush, Listed

Chai has a lot of work cut out for him.

Chai is a memorable and unique character in Hi-Fi Rush, paired with his mighty cat companion, but so are the game’s main villains! Obviously insane, self-absorbed, and delusional, the bosses in Hi-Fi Rush make fascinating characters.

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One of the game’s highlights is the boss battles that occur at the end of each stage, each representing a different corporation division, and their levels are based on a particular musical style. Here we’ll take a closer look at All Bosses in Hi-Fi Rush, listed alongside their abilities and some tips for defeating them.

These bosses are listed in the order in which you face them so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

The Villains of Hi-fi Rush

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QA-1ML, the first boss of Hi-Fi Rush, is a daunting opponent at first with his four bars of health. The key to defeating this boss is targeting his weak points located on his giant hands. By attacking these weak points, you’ll make the four bars of health suddenly look less impressive! The best time to strike is when QA-1ML performs his ground slam attack, as his hands will be stationary for a short period. Then, use everything to maximize your damage, including combos and special attacks.

Additionally, you’ll need to pay attention to QA-1ML’s canon attack and stay out of the red markers on the ground to dodge it. As you progress through the battle, QA-1ML will also enter a special melee mode, requiring you to stay close to his chest and attack the vulnerable core. With patience and quick reflexes, you’ll be able to defeat QA-1ML and emerge victorious.

  • QA-1ML is a giant robot with a slash, ground slams, and AoE attacks.
  • The main weak point of QA-1MIL is his hands.
  • The best time to attack is when he does his ground slam attack.


Defeating Rekka in Hi-Fi Rush can be challenging, but it’s possible with the right strategy and techniques. First and foremost, it’s essential to avoid her telegraphed attacks. One of her initial attacks is a charge move that can stun the player and make them unable to do anything, so it’s crucial to move around the edge of the arena.

As you progress through the battle, Rekka will also jump into the air and slam back down to the ground, creating an area of effect that can stun the player. Additionally, in the later stages, Rekka will use electricity and shields to protect herself, so it’s crucial to have Peppermint, your ally, to assist you in breaking down the shield and to help out with some extra damage.

  • Be aware of Rekka’s charge attack, as it will stun and disable you
  • In Stage 2, use the magnets to stay in the air when Rekka unleashes electricity across the map.
  • When Rekka activates a shield, call Peppermint into battle to assist you in destroying it.
  • In Stage 3, watch for Rekka’s ability that creates movable conveyor paths and avoid them by moving left and right.
  • Avoid Rekka when her arms enlarge. It’s just bad news.


Defeating Zanzo is to master the art of parrying and alternating between team members Macaron and Peppermint. Macaron, in particular, is a powerhouse as he is capable of breaking shield armor.

As you go through the battle, you’ll realize the fight is broken into stages and rooms. Instead of something more typical, you’ll be moving from room to room as you tackle waves of enemies. Defeating giant robots and/or navigating a lava-drenched area, leaping and jumping to avoid bursts of lava. Lava splashes will be highlighted in green circles.

Additionally, as you make your way through the map, you’ll finally encounter enemies with shield abilities, so alternate between calling in Macaron and Peppermint while parrying to break down the shields. After that, you’ll face another wave of similar enemies requiring Macaron to break down armor and larger shields. Also, once again, avoid green circles so you do not get hit with lava.

This linear path will lead to a cut scene with Zanzo and him assembling his ultimate toy, which he will fail to complete because you destroyed everything. With your determination and our guide as your companion, you’ll be able to finish Zanzo, earn a USB drive about Spectra, and realize these villains are not all they are cracked up to be.

  • Macaron is a powerhouse that will take care of Zanzo’s shield
  • You’ll be tackling waves of enemies as you move from room to room.
  • In the second round, you’ll need to defeat PGR-0101
  • When navigating a lava-drenched area, avoid green circles
  • Finally, take out the lens to end Zanzo for good.


Korsica is the least complicated fight in the entire game. You will quickly learn, and through the guided gameplay, that you cannot parry all the attacks Korsica throws at you. This will be the beginning of more in Hi-Fi rush as far as unparryable attacks are concerned. To summarize, use your dodge function to evade her attacks rather than parrying directly. One can evade with a controller using the bumper buttons.

  • Prioritizing evading her attacks
  • Eventually, she will get tired, and you win.
  • Yes, it is that simple.


Mimosa is a massively popular performer, and on your casual quest for vengeance, you will disguise yourself as a stage prop to catch her by surprise and begin the final showdown. This boss battle takes place on the main stage, and there are some things you should know.

Mimosa will use her dress as a shield, and the only way to puncture it is with a stun. When her shield is down is the best time to try and do burst damage. Reserve your tag-team characters for when she is vulnerable. Towards the later stages of this boss battle, Mimosa uses a special ability called the Equalizer Wave, which summons rays of electricity you have to jump over. With this, two orbs will spawn. Use your reserved characters to destroy the orbs while you focus on hopping over the waves of electricity. Afterward, the fight returns to normal.

  • Use stuns to make her vulnerable to damage
  • Smart use of allies
  • Focus on using your allies to destroy orbs rather than yourself as much as possible


Finally, the angry businessman constantly worried about the corporation’s bottom line. His blatant obsession with money and financial gain over others’ lives makes it feel great to finish this boss.

News flash, he’s actually a giant mechanized werewolf. Use your movement to evade his swiping attacks, as well as his ground-slamming ability. Once you have done enough damage, Roguefort reverts back to his human self. Just chase him around and beat him up. Nothing too tricky here.

Right after, Roguefort will take you to the second stage of the fight when he plunges you through a bank vault-like door. Same formula, try to stay in the air for the second part of the fight since he reverts back to his original form; at about 25 percent health remaining, he will run from you again as a feeble old man. This time, he will use barriers and obstacles to prevent your chase. Simply parry the various robots at the correct time to deactivate the forcefields and other structures blocking your path.

For his final stage, you will fight Roguefort in a heaping pile of gold which is more or less the same strategy. However, one notable difference is that he will sometimes burrow beneath the gold. Just stay mobile along the edge when he does this, and it won’t land.

  • Use movement to evade his swiping attacks and ground-slamming ability.
  • He is nearly identical attack-wise in his werewolf form across all stages.
  • At 25% health remaining, he turns into a feeble old man and uses barriers and obstacles to prevent your chase.
  • Stay mobile in the final stage to prevent his surprise attacks from underneath the gold.


Kale is the final boss and the main antagonist. He mind controls Chai, and you play as your trusty cat companion at the beginning of the fight, which is actually quite fun, if not short. The best strategy is to rush him immediately and get the quick-time events to attack him as fast as possible– it is very much straightforward.

At this point, Chai will return under your control, and you will begin to fight Kale. Throw everything you have at him, use the beat, and make combos. The second stage is where things get interesting.

The second stage will begin a Korsica-like battle where you predict his attack and either parry or dodge accordingly. If you are successful in this, Kale will reveal his full suit of armor with various arms sticking out of his back. Once again, bombard him with everything you have– but try to stay on his backside so he has to turn and face you constantly.

For Kale’s third and final stage, he will summon a new suit of armor. This suit will have plenty of proximity AoE attacks that he uses around himself. It is best to avoid diving in extremely fast and, if only quickly, bait them out when possible. Toward the end of his last health bar, you will finish the fight with one more Korsica-like sequence.

  • Stay on top of him and land combos.
  • Stay on beat
  • Use special attacks and your allies’ help whenever possible.
  • If capable, remain on his backside
  • In the final stage, bait out his AoEs

Hi-Fi Rush features a diverse set of bosses, each with a unique personality, theme, and weaknesses. The corporation’s creation of Chai turns out to be their very downfall, as Chai and his unlikely team take them down one-by-one. The villains, ranging from the giant robot QA-1ML to the hilariously brutal Rekka, provide a satisfying challenge for players to overcome. If you’re finding the game too easy or hard, consider how the difficulty modifiers affect the game. With the right strategy and techniques, players can come out on top of highly satisfying fights.

After completing the final villain in our all bosses in Hi-Fi Rush, you’ll only want more.

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