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Who Is the Cat in Hi-Fi Rush & Can You Pet It? Answered

Chai & 808 in Hi-Fi Rush
Image Source: Tango Gameworks

Who Is the Cat in Hi-Fi Rush & Can You Pet It? Answered

These are the most important questions.

When Tango Gameworks dropped a bombshell during the Bethesda & Xbox Developer Direct by not only revealing a new game but releasing it immediately, the gaming world was set alight with intrigue. Some were impressed by the lively cel-shaded visuals, while others were hooked into its irreverent humor. Others (me) just wanted to know who the cat is in Hi-Fi Rush and if you can pet it? Don’t worry, friends, we have all the answers you need.

What is the Name of the Cat in Hi-Fi Rush?

Chai’s robotic kitty companion is named 808, and she will aid in combat by transforming into a portable speaker during the action. 808 helps keep the beat to ensure your blows are landing with perfect timing, acting as a metronome and allowing you to sync attacks to maximize damage.

Chai will have several allies who can help him turn the tide of battle, but as 808 is the only one who is a cat, she is automatically superior to all others. The Deluxe version of the game also provides you with an excellent 808-styled guitar, as well as an alternate skin that adorns your cat with a crown. 808 deserves this crown.

Can You Pet the Cat in Hi-Fi Rush?

Yes, you can pet the cat in Hi-Fi Rush. 808 likes a good scritch just as much as any feline, and by selecting “Play with 808” in the hideout, you will be able to live out your childhood dream of patting a cybernetic animal. This will also unlock the You Can Pet the Cat! achievement, but the honor of being able to do so is already its own reward.

Please refer to the below tweet for further instruction on this process.

Hi-Fi Rush has been a surprise hit amongst gamers since its release, proving that Tango Gameworks were onto something with this unexpected stylistic pivot. Hopefully, this will also see an increase in cat-related content in Shinji Mikami games (he has owed us this much since he removed zombie cats from Resident Evil 4).

Hi-Fi Rush is available now on PC and Xbox Series X|S Game Pass. Now that you know who the cat is in Hi-Fi Rush, you will doubtless be compelled to seek out more related content at the links below. We can’t promise they’ll involve kitties, but they’ll still be pretty good in their own right.

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