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How to Show Timing Gauge in Hi-Fi Rush

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Image Source: Tango Gameworks

How to Show Timing Gauge in Hi-Fi Rush

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Hi-Fi Rush is an action-adventure game where all the combat is tied to the constant music playing. That means you have to time your attacks and button presses to the beat to do well. While the game does give the player many indicators to reset themselves and get back into rhythm, there is just a straight up gauge that can help directly. Here is how to show the timing gauge in Hi-Fi Rush.

How to Enable the Timing Gauge in Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush timing gauge
Image Source: Tango Gameworks via Twinfinite

The timing gauge in Hi-Fi Rush is a simple metronome that runs along the bottom of the screen, as pictured above, with the C-symbols merging towards the center icon. It helps players get back on the beat if they find themselves out of rhythm.

To show the timing gauge, players just need to press the View button on the Xbox Series X|S controller or the Tab key on the keyboard and mouse. The View button contains the picture of a rectangle within another rectangle and is opposite of the Menu button in the center of the controller, or where the Back and Start buttons would be on previous Xbox controllers.

The timing gauge, known as the Rhythm Assist in the control settings, will appear on the screen. The gauge can be turned off by pressing the View button or Tab key again, and can be re-enabled at will during gameplay.

It is important to note that almost everything in the game also moves to the beat. That includes machinery rising and lowering, the health bar in the UI constantly pulsing, and even the main character nodding his head and bouncing along. Though, there is no penalty for using the timing gauge.

That is how to show the timing gauge in Hi-Fi Rush. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more Hi-Fi Rush coverage, such as how to skip cutscenes, and click the links below for other helpful guides.

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