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Meet the Voice Actors of Dream Daddy’s Cast

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Meet the Voice Actors of Dream Daddy’s Cast

Find out who brings these dreamy daddies to life

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator has become an incredibly popular game with a cult-like following. Dream Daddy is a game created by the YouTube stars behind Game Grumps. This was reason for some gamers to worry about how same sex relationships would be portrayed in the game but the YouTubers have made the community proud. Many characters from Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator have become so popular that they have already inspired fan pages, fan art and fan fiction all across the community. Even cosplayers have been spotted bringing Amanda, Mary and even Damien to life.

Meet the voice actors and actresses behind Dream Daddy’s beloved cast. Many are YouTube stars while others have explored the voice acting world before by stepping into popular anime series like Attack on Titan.

Dan Avidan is more than just one of the voice actors in Dream Daddy. He’s one of the game’s creators and one-half of Game Grumps. Game Grumps is a “Let’s Play” style YouTube channel that currently has 3.9 million subscribers.

Arin Hanson is the other half of Game Grumps and the other director behind Dream Daddy. Before he was a YouTube star, however, he was a talented animator who created several animations for He eventually went on to create The Awesome Series, which was such a popular project that it earned some serious attention from MTV.

Erika Ishii has appeared in a variety of shorts while also guest starring on a few different television programs gears towards the gaming community. She has starred in several of the Library Bards shorts playing as Sulu in Now You Have the Bridge, Spock and as Ash Ketchum in Pokeball.

Before Ray Narvaez Jr. was spending his time being a suave teacher in Dream Daddy, he was the voice behind a new superhero who was just doing the best he could.If you ever watched the animated series X-Ray and Vav, you’ll recognize his voice as X-Ray.

And that’s all of the voice actors of Dream Daddy’s cast.

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