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Meet the Voice Actors of Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin's Creed Origins

Meet the Voice Actors of Assassin’s Creed Origins

The real voices behind the digital faces of Assassin’s Creed Origins.

British actor Abubakar Salim’s first role in the video game industry is a big one: the main protagonist of Assassin’s Creed Origins. Bayek’s tale details both the inception of the Creed and his status as the first in a line of assassins throughout history, and Salim will be drawing on his experience in theatre and television to bring the character to life. Salim’s previous acting roles include telvision series The Strike and Black Mirror.

Alix Wilton Regan is an English actress and model with an extensive voice acting resume spans both television and video games, including titles such as Divinity: Original Sin II, Warhammer, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect. In Assassin’s Creed Origins, Regan plays the role of Aya, a Greco-Egyptian agent to Cleopatra VII and the wife of Bayek.

Zora Bishop is an English actress, known for The Eichmann Show, Closed Circuit, and The Carrier. Just as it is for Salim, Assassin’s Creed Origins marks her debut in the video game industry. She will be voicing Cleopatra, the last Pharoah of Egypt and one of the most iconic female leaders in history, known for her beauty, charm, and charisma, especially in her handling of Roman leaders such as Julius Ceaser.

Scottish actor Michael Nardone has a long resume of television roles but Assassin’s Creed Origins will be his first role in a video game. Fittingly, Nardone is well known for playing the role of Marcius in the hit television series Rome. Having played a Roman legionary in that show, he now returns to the exact same period of history to bring to life the iconic character Julius Ceasar.

Young actor Jamie Mayers relatively short resume includes plenty of work in the video game industry. Mayers has been involved with motion capture work for Assassin’s Creed games goneby (AC III), as well as Ubisoft’s The Division, Watch Dogs, and Far Cry series. Assassin’s Creed Origins will be his first major voice role, playing the character of Ptolomey XIII, joint ruler of Egypt along with his sister Cleopatra.

After a brief hiatus from acting in his twenties, Canadian actor Carlo Mestroni returned to the performing arts and since worked on stage productions, televisions, film, and video games. In fact, Mestroni knows the Assassin’s Creed franchise well, having played minor roles in a host of games from the series before Origins. In Origins Mestroni plays Hotephres, a Greek informant of Apollodorus who helps to investigate the mysterious Order of the Ancients.

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