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Meet the Voice Actors of Life Is Strange Before the Storm’s Cast

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Meet the Voice Actors of Life Is Strange Before the Storm’s Cast

Voices new and familiar bring our favorite characters to life.

Rhianna DeVries – Chloe Price

A sharp witted, rebellious and troubled teenager, Chloe Price is a familiar face from the original game, and she returns as the main protagonist in Before the Storm. Despite understandable disappointment that fan-favorite Ashly Burch wouldn’t be reprising her voice acting role in the prequel, voice actor Rhianna DeVries steps in and does a superb job. DeVries’ performance marks her first role in the video game industry and based on how brilliantly she brings Chloe to life, hopefully not her last.

Kylie Brown – Rachel Amber

A major character in the original, Rachel Amber never actually appears in the flesh, but Before the Storm gives fans a chance to finally meet her. Rachel is played by voice actor Kylie Brown, whose performance in Before the Storm also marks her debut in the gaming industry. Brown is both an actor and producer, having appeared and been involved in post production for a number of short films.

Caleb Thomas – Nathan Prescott

The archetypal bratt, Nathan Prescott is a familiar face for those who have played the original life is Strange series. His voice, however, will not be. That is because voice actor Nick Shriner does not return to play the role in Before the Storm. Instead, Caleb Thomas steps in as a replacement. Don’t worry, though, Thomas’ extensive resume and his passion for speaking on child bullying make him a worthy successor.

Daniel Bonjour – Frank Bowers

Arcadia Bay’s local drug dealer, Bowers’ is also Rachel Amber’s lover, and we get to see more of the two’s dynamic together in Before the Storm. Voice actor Daniel Bonjour’s resume includes video game franchises such as Hitman and Final Fantasy, but you might recognize him best from The Walking Dead TV series, in which he played Aiden Monroe.

Chloe’s stepfather, David Madsen is the school’s security guard, and being a war veteran, he’s a bit of a hard-ass. Actor Don McManus reprises his role. Although his voice acting experiences in video games is only just coming to fruition (he has a role in the upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Colossus), McManus is well known for an extensive list of short films and TV series. He also starred in the classic movie, Shawshank Redemption as Gaurd Wiley.

Joyce Price is Chloe’s mother and longtime resident of Arcadia Bay. Her hard working, sassy personality takes no nonsense from squabbling teens like Chloe and her friends. Cissy Jones reprises her role, drawing not only from her experiences on the original Life is Strange, but also dozens of other voice acting roles in the gaming industry. She played Delilah in Firewatch.

Forty-one-year-old Miami-born voice actor Derek Philips played a host of roles in the first Life is Strange, but he returns specifically to voice Samuel Taylor in Before the Storm. Samuel is the school janitor. A bit of an oddball, he has a special adoration for squirrels, which he considers to be his spirit animal. His mysterious and borderline creepy personality doesn’t win him many fans among students.

William Price is Chloe’s deceased father in the original Life is Strange, having died in a car accident in 2008. In Before the Storm, we’re introduced to him properly as a kind hearted and loving father. Joe Ochman played the voice of William in the first game and he reprises that role in Before the Storm. Ochman has starred in dozens of film, television, and video game productions spanning a thirty-year career.

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