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10 Things You Need to Know About The Tomorrow Children Before it Releases

tomorrow children

10 Things You Need to Know About The Tomorrow Children Before it Releases

Get ready for tomorrow.

There’s Multiplayer (Sort Of) – The Tomorrow Children features a multiplayer component where you’ll occasionally see other players appear as visible outlines of their character. You can’t actually team up with them and run around together, but you can interact with them through emotes, building paths and structures for them, or even mining the same rock to make the process go smoother.

You Can Change Outfits – To differentiate yourself from other projection clones you might see in the game, players will be able to change their outfits and alter their appearances in the game.

There are Monsters – Beware the Izverg. These are large monsters that prowl the lands outside the cities, and you’ll have to protect your hub areas from these threatening creatures.

It’s a Survival/Crafting Experience – The Tomorrow Children will feature survival and crafting aspects where you can mine for resources, and use them to build different items and structures for the towns.

The Game Draws Inspiration from the Soviet Union – The Tomorrow Children takes place in a post-Cold War world where Soviet scientists attempted to mesh human consciousness together. Needless to say, this project goes awry, and monsters are unleashed upon humanity. The world will feature Soviet propaganda items, and other elements taken out of the Cold War time period.

Towns are Used as Hub Areas – You can travel from town to town in the game. You job will be to rebuild each of these towns and restore them to their former glory.

Work Together With Clones to Transport Resources – When you encounter other projection clones, you can build roads to help them transport resources from an island back to a town. You only have three backpack slots, so it’s crucial to work with other clones to bring materials back to safety.

Fend Off Monsters by Placing Cannons Around Town – When monsters attack your towns, you’ll have to defend against them by placing cannons and barriers around the area and fend them off.

There Will Be Missions to Do – There will be islands for you to explore in The Tomorrow Children. These will contain resources for you to take back to town, as well as critical missions that will help you restore civilization.

New Lighting Techniques! – The Tomorrow Children also features a new graphical engine created by Q-Games. The Pixar-like character models and environments you see in the game were only made possible by a new lighting technique called “cascaded voxel cone tracing.” Isn’t technology swell?

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