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10 Things You Can’t Do in No Man’s Sky But Really Wish You Could

No Man's Sky

10 Things You Can’t Do in No Man’s Sky But Really Wish You Could

Oh, if only.

There are a lot of different animals in No Man’s Sky. Some of them are terrifying, but others look majestic, almost begging to be ridden. Unfortunately, you can’t ride any of the beasts in here, no matter how much you feed them. Although, you can get them to poop valuable resources… So, silver lining?

Okay so we can’t rob the nice aliens we see in bases, but how about allowing us to pickpocket everyone else? There are tons of things needed by a person crossing a universe all by their lonesome, such as Units. If only I could walk up to those Vy’keen that hate me so much and just lift a few thousand Units to help pay for that Zinc I so desperately need.

Landing on planets is cool and all, but how about we go bigger… by going smaller. Landing on an asteroid that’s hurtling through space is pretty badass. Imagine how that would look as you watch space battles from your own personal rock, or use strategic landing to avoid the radars of pirates.

There’s a lot of mystery to No Man’s Sky, and part of that mystery is yourself. You never actually see yourself in the game, nor does anyone ever comment on your appearance. Unfortunately, it will just have to remain that way as no reflective surfaces in the world will show you who you truly are. Perhaps your a vampire.

The size of No Man’s Sky’s universe doesn’t really hit home until you start moving through it. That planet that looks really far away? Guess what? It really is far away. Even with your Pulse Drives activated, some trips take minutes, which add up. Unfortunately there’s no teleportation or anything of the sort within star systems, so be prepared for a lot of travelling.

As we’ve mentioned before, No Man’s Sky is huge. Usually a game of that magnitude has a free save system so you don’t have to trek to some distant save-point when you really have to go. But No Man’s Sky doesn’t, and we really wish it did. Nothing worse than finally finding some good resources only to realize your nearest save point is 20 minutes away.

Some of the ships in No Man’s Sky look pretty amazing. The fact that you can add new weapons systems and upgrades helps you fine tune them to your liking, but you can’t do anything to their actual appearance.

You will sometimes hear people compare No Man’s Sky to Minecraft, mostly due to the fact that both are incredibly huge. But some were hoping for some actual building mechanics when the game finally released because of all of the different resources you can collect. Unfortunately, you won’t be doing any building in this game, just a lot of exploring.

Things you can’t do in no man’s sky but really wish you could
Ride the animals
Rob aliens you come across in bases
Land on asteroids
Pickpocket. Because every game could use that
See yourself/know who you are
Get to planets/places on planets faster (as in fast travel?)(just sort of that you can’t get anywhere without a multi-minute travel time)(also no fast travel, but feel it’s a weaker point as it’d dilute the immersion)(noted)
Save easily/wherever

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