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The Biggest News In Gaming This Week

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The Biggest News In Gaming This Week

The hottest news of the week in one place.

The PS4 Pro- Wednesday saw the reveal of the PS4 Pro. Sony’s more powerful version of its current console can display games in 4K and HDR. The system will release Nov. 10 for $399

PS4 Slim- In the same PlayStation Meeting as the reveal of the Pro, Sony also unveiled the PS4 Slim. A quieter, sleeker version of the current system, the console will be made available Sept. 15 for $299

No Mods for Bethesda Games on PS4- After months of back and forth between Bethesda and Sony, today saw the publisher announce that mod support would not be coming to PS4 for either Fallout 4 or the upcoming Skyrim: Special Edition as Sony would not approve it.

Despite Mario making his way to smartphones, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto said he didn’t think Mario “fit well” in the virtual reality space. Check the full story, here.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus- Wednesday saw Apple unveil its latest flagship smartphones, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Ten new features were explained in detail by Apple during the keynote, including the new A10 chip, which Apple claimed would bring “console-level gaming” to the phones. Both phones are now available for pre-order, and will begin shipping Sept. 16.

Mario Is Coming to Smartphones- During Apple’s keynote, it was announced that Mario would be making his way to smartphones in the form of a side-scrolling, auto-runner platformer titled Super Mario Run. The game will hit iPhone first before coming to Android later on.

Pokemon GO Coming to Apple Watch, Plus Device Gets Release Date- During Apple’s keynote, it was revealed that the incredibly popular smartphone game from Niantic, Pokemon GO, would be shrinking down and appearing on Apple Watch. The Pokemon GO Plus device also got a new release date of September.

The PS4 Pro Doesn’t have a UHD Blu-Ray Player- Following Sony’s unveiling of the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, it was revealed that the Pro wouldn’t have an Ultra HD Blu-ray Player. Something that the cheaper Xbox One S does have.

A Ton of 4K Footage Was Shown for PS4 Pro Games- If you’ve got a display capable of a 4K resolution, you can check out some 4K gameplay footage from a bunch of games when running on the Ps4 Pro.

Apple Released Some Fancy AirPods- Alongside the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple revealed AirPods. A wireless pair of earphones with five hours of battery time, a case with 24 hours of additional charge, and a number of sensors and accelerometers so your music only starts when you put them in your ears. You can also bring up Siri by tapping them. The AirPods will release in October for $159.

Bethesda Will “Most Likely” Have a Showcase at E3 in 2017- What many thought would be a one-off E3 show from Bethesda in 2015 looks like it may become an annual event. This week, Pete Hines commented that it is “most likely” Bethesda will have a showcase at E3 next year.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Got a Bunch of New Details Announced- The two upcoming games in the Pokemon series received another handful of details and information. The games will take place at different times in the day, will have players picking up Zygarde cells, and features a new kind of creature known as Ultra Beasts. There’s a whole bunch of new features coming to Pokemon Sun and Moon that you can check out here. There’s also a pretty solid fan theory going around that Sun and Moon could have a pretty dark plot. Get the info here.

New Destiny Exotic ‘Trespasser’ Is Dropping Early- Ahead of the release of Rise of Iron on Sept. 20, Guardians can pick up the Trespasser, a new exotic sidearm. Check out how to get it, here.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Will Have a Level Boost Item- If you’re not a high enough level for Rise of Iron but can’t wait to jump into the fun, you’ll be pleased to know the expansion will include a level boost item.

Sony Recommends a Giant 4K TV for PS4 Pro- Included in Sony’s FAQ for the PS4 Pro, the company seems to suggest the best size TV for 4K experiences on PS4 Pro is 60″… probably a good idea to get saving.

More Mass Effect: Andromeda Details Emerged- During an interview with PlayStation Access following the reveal of the PS4 Pro and some Andromeda gameplay, BioWare revealed that both the male and female hero characters are siblings. What’s more, that guy we saw in the N7 armor in the initial reveal trailer… that’s their father! If you’re after more info on Mass Effect: Andromeda, looks like we’ll get more on N7 day, too.

Peter Molyneux’s Latest Game… Is on the App Store? – After working on the Fable series at Lionhead for a good few years, Molyneux has finally returned. His latest game, titled The Trail, is now listed on Apple’s App Store.

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