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Mario Is Making His Way to iOS with Super Mario Run Mobile Game

mario iphone game

Mario Is Making His Way to iOS with Super Mario Run Mobile Game

Play with one hand!

During today’s keynote speech, Apple revealed that Nintendo’s popular plumber Mario is coming to iPhone.

Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage to reveal that one of gaming’s most iconic characters will be coming to Apple’s smartphone devices first, before releasing to competitors later. The game is a brand-new adventure and will be called Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run will see the titular plumber automatically begin running to the right, with obstacles and enemies appearing as he makes his way to the flag at the end of the stage. Of course, as well as avoiding this and reaching the end, players will have to collect coins that appear on the screen as they go.

Super Mario Run can be played one-handed, a first for the series, and emphasizing a truly portable Mario experience.

There’s also another mode called Toad Battle, included. This sees players competing against their friends in collecting the most Toad fans in an arena. The person with the most Toad fans will emerge the victor.

Super Mario Run is due to release sometime in the Holiday 2016 window.

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