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New Pokemon for Sun and Moon Revealed, Along With Ultra Beasts and a Pokemon Shelter

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New Pokemon for Sun and Moon Revealed, Along With Ultra Beasts and a Pokemon Shelter

Something new to catch.

It’s another day ending in ‘y’, which naturally means that Nintendo has plenty of new Pokemon stuff to reveal for November’s Sun and Moon title. Say hello to the Ultra Beasts. These creatures are hanging around the Alola region, possessing “mighty powers” and said to be a threat to both races. Multiple Beasts exist, each with their own codename. Thus far, only one has been revealed: UB-O1, which you can see in the trailer below. Their body is made up of a glass-like substance, and has movements that resemble a young girl’s. Interesting…

The Ultra Beasts are being investigated by the Aether Foundation, also new to the game. Their ultimate goal is to care for hurt Pokemon, and they’ve constructed their own artificial island called Aether Paradise to provide shelter and perform experiments. You’ll be able to visit it during your adventure in Sun and Moon. While there’ll be generic Aether employees who wear different uniforms depending on what division they belong to, you’ll come into contact with named characters such as Lusamine, the president; branch chief Faba; and assistant branch chief Wicke.

Finally, there’s the new Pokemon. There’s Type: Null, covered in battle armor and can shoot fire and ice blasts; Jangmo-o, a Dragon type with a bulletproof/soundproof ability; and the Alolan Raticate, with fat cheeks you just wanna pinch. Have fun scouting the Alolan region for them!

Pokemon Sun and Moon comes to the 3DS on Nov. 18.

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