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Pokemon Sun and Moon are Set Hours Apart from Each Other


Pokemon Sun and Moon are Set Hours Apart from Each Other

Catching Pokemon…at NIGHT!

Plenty of video games have day/night cycles to help the world feel real and more alive, but it gets quite literal with Pokemon Sun and Moon. Both games will be set 12 hours apart from each other, meaning that Sun will kick off when the sun is shining, and Moon is in the night time. Save for a few scenes, the time in both games will be tied to your real time zone.

As described on the game’s website, Nintendo did this because they want players to “feel an atmosphere and sense of closeness that makes it seem as though you’re in the Alola region itself.” What this means for players is that some of the Pokemon that appear are different, depending on which version of the game you buy, for time and story purposes. Not only that, some of them that appear in the trials as Totem Pokemon are different, as well.

Pokemon Sun and Moon hits the 3Ds on Nov. 18. Along with the new approach to day and night, Ultra Beasts and the Aether Foundation were also revealed.

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