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The 10 Best Announcements From the PlayStation Meeting Today

mark cerny

The 10 Best Announcements From the PlayStation Meeting Today

More greatness has arrived.

PS4 Slim Officially Announced

The new PS4 Slim will take over as the standard PS4 with all the power that fans have come to love and better power management. Will cost only $299 and start rolling out on Sept. 15.

PlayStation 4 Pro

A new, much more powerful PS4, nearly twice as possible and offering tons of new abilities.

Some Spider-Man in 4K

It was only a quick scene along with some other games, but man did it look good. The city, that costume, lighting, and textrues are a true step above the current PS4.

Horizon: Zero Dawn in 4K

The PlayStation Pro is already being fully utilized in development and this was showcased using Guerrilla Games’ upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn. In a word, the game looked stunning, with full hair and wind effects, stunning vistas, and gorgeous landscapes.

Call of Duty Leading the Charge

Infinite Warfare and Block Ops III will both support PS4 Pro as soon as it releases. Black Ops III will be through a patch and Infinite Warfare right out of the box. This use of power was shown off through new gameplay of a brand new mission.

Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay

Everyone expected Mass Effect Andromeda to look amazing, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t shocked by how absolutely stunning the gameplay looked. A strong presence of exploration and world interaction, a large, detailed area, and a tense battle have us very excited.

All PS4’s Getting HDR compatibility

At first it seemed as if PS4 was only getting a slimmer version, but it’s good to hear that HDR is coming to all of the consoles, going back to the very first one that released.

Nov 10 Release date and $399

The PS4 Pro will be available in retail on Nov. 10 for the price of $399. That’s the same price of a standard PS4 at launch for what is looking like double the power and some slick new features.

4K Streaming

Netflix and YouTube will both be providing brand new apps with content ready for the PS4 Pro’s 4K streaming capability keeping all of the media that fans enjoy coming with all the Pro’s power behind it.

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