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Check Out Tekken 7’s Action in These New Screenshots

tekken 7

Check Out Tekken 7’s Action in These New Screenshots

Tekken 7’s violence sure is beautiful.

Tekken 7 is due out in early 2017, and Bandai Namco has shared a ton of new information this week at E3 2016 to whet the appetites of the millions of fans presently waiting. Tekken’s technical gameplay is becoming more refined as new mechanics are being introduced to the action as well as a healthy dose of new fighters into the roster. But it’s the jump to Unreal 4 that may pique the interest of players as it’s allowed the folks over at Bandai Namco to make Tekken 7 the most visually stunning entry into the series yet.

Not only are character models much more detailed, but the world itself is benefiting from the boost to power and visual fidelity. The stages have more destructibility and there is a dynamic weather system in play that can effect how things play out while also providing stunning backdrops to the combat.

Special effects in Tekken 7 are also leaps and bounds ahead of the game’s predecessors. Connecting with hits provides stunning flashes, and pulling off special abilities will leave your screen glowing and sparking as lighting, flames, water, and other elements dance across the screen.It’s clear that the developers were well aware of these new stunning visuals though and really wanted to show them off. How else could you explain the slow-mo sequences that play out mid battle when ever you pull of an amazing counter or a really stunning special move.

Tekken 7 may possibly be the prettiest fighting game to date. It’s proving to be much more than just a mechanical upgrade in a celebrated series, and an entirely new piece of art for players to devour with their eyes.

A word of advice though, when you see Akuma glowing in his purple and red raging glory, don’t gawk. It may be beautiful, but you are certainly about to die.

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