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8 Pokemon Let’s Go Changes That’ll Bring New Life to Kanto


8 Pokemon Let’s Go Changes That’ll Bring New Life to Kanto

Pokemon GO Integration

It was quite the struggle back in the day to have to catch all 151 Pokemon around the Kanto region in Pokemon Yellow. Luckily, Let’s Go makes completing the Pokedex a bit easier, by allowing trainers to transfer their Kanto critters from Pokemon GO into Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. There’s even a new mythical Kanto Pokemon called Meltan, that is only able to be caught by linking the two games together.

No More Random Encounters

No more having to run into a million Zubats in the dark caves of Kanto. No more endless Ratatta or Pidgey’s to deal with second after second. In Let’s Go, you can actually see wild Pokemon out in the field, meaning you won’t have to waste time with unnecessary battles no longer. Kanto suddenly feels more alive and looks quite stunning with Pokemon running around all over. You can also see shiny Pokemon without having to go into a battle, which is quite nice for those shiny hunters out there.

Catching Them All Is the Name of the Game

This sound insane for a Pokemon game that’s pretty much a mainline title, but Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee does not feature wild battles with Pokemon. Yes, you still have the opportunity to catch it, but the process is akin to Pokemon GO, where you must use the Joy-Con to flick the Pokeball at your target. You still gain experience from catching, but battles are strictly for trainers and gym leaders. This puts more focus on catching every Pokemon that you can which the series hasn’t done before.

Pokemon Following You!

So, this isn’t the first time that Pokemon can follow you. It was introduced with Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow and then again in Heart Gold/Soul Silver. But in those games, the Pokemon’s size wasn’t represented correctly. In Let’s Go, every single Pokemon can follow you and their size will be proportioned to yourself. Want big ol’ Snorlax behind you at all times? It’s completely possible.

Being Able to Play With Your Pokemon

A dream come true! There is no better way to build a special bond with your Pokemon than by sticking 20 different bows and ribbons on them. In Pokemon Let’s Go, not only can you dress up your partner Pokemon, but you can change their hairstyles and even feed them and pet them. This will raise their friendship level and is just insanely adorable.

Character Customization

I can finally look like myself in a Pokemon game! Okay, maybe not exactly like myself, but we’re getting closer and closer to full customization and Let’s Go is that next step that we’ve been waiting for. Pokemon X and Y had slight customization options but in Let’s GO, you can dress up to your heart’s content. It’s even possible to match with your partner’s outfit which is super rad.

The 151 Master Trainers

If you thought there would not be a lot of post-game content in Let’s Go, then think again. This time around –once you defeat the Elite Four– Master Trainers will pop up around the region, each of them being the best trainer for a specific Pokemon. There are 151 trainers to defeat for every single Pokemon in the Kanto Pokedex, so get ready to get yourself caught up in many, many battles.

Local Co-Op Play With a Friend

For the first time in a “mainline” Pokemon game, you’ll be able to explore the Kanto region with a buddy by your side. By giving another player the second Joy-Con, you both can interact with Pokemon in the field and participate in double battles with other trainers. Having two Pokemon against another trainer’s one might make the game a bit easier, but if you have a kid sibling or something, this would be the perfect way to introduce them to Pokemon, just make sure that they don’t use the wrong attacks.

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