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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in No Man’s Sky


10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in No Man’s Sky

The universe just keeps expanding.

No Man’s Sky has a lot of cool things you can do in the game such as exploring undiscovered planets, naming new species and getting into fights with pirates. Hello Games did a decent job of letting players know what they could look forward to when the game finally released. Now that it has released, everything they teased us with is present and accounted for, but it seems like No Man’s Sky came along with a few extra goodies as well.

It turns out that there are some things that we didn’t even think of being a possibility. Just when you think you have the universe all firgured out it goes and throws you for a loop in an amazing display of freedom and awesome.

Among the many things we did not know for sure are Black Holes not only existing, but being able to be traversed. There’s also a market to be learned and some animals to befriend. Hello Games tried to think of everything when making the game and who knows what future updates may have in store for us.

Yep, you read that right. Not only do you traverse the stars discovering new animals, but you can even make some your pets.

Just when you thought the animal train had left the station, No Man’s Sky provides yet another purpose for them. Being kind to animals can lead them to help you in different ways such as finding resources or protecting you from harm.

We knew that we would be exploring the stars in our sleek looking ships, but we had no idea that we’d be able to park them at the bottom of the ocean, exploring settlements long since forgotten.

While it isn’t exactly a religion and we aren’t being baptized in the game, it’s almost as if the myriad species you encounter in the game worship this mysterious being named Atlas. And based on player interacting at the beginning of the Sky, it’s almost if it wants your attention too.

You can become a real jerk in No Man’s Sky if you really want to. We already knew that we could commit crimes, but you can go even further. We’re talking wiping out species, attacking traders and convoys, ignoring distress signals, putting pressure on the market, and more.

It turns out that No Man’s Sky has a thriving economy that depends upon your location in the universe as well as supply and demand. Becoming a master of the system and amassing serious wealth will take a lot of time and attention. But, in the end, you’ll be a billionaire. Wonder what you’ll do with all that money.

If you feel you’ve messed up in No Man’s Sky and want to rewind time just a bit, the game won’t stop you. You can simply reload your last save… at the cost of your life. Yeah, you’ll get your do-over, but nothing in this universe is free.

You can actually purchase new ships from other traders you come across in the game. It’s pretty cool, until they fly off with all of your cargo that your forgot to transfer before finalizing the sale… Yeah, there’s no mercy for ill-informed consumers in this universe.

Sean Murray was always a bit vague about the subject of black holes whenever they were brought up. It seemed as if he didn’t care for them, so it was a pleasant surprise when we found ourselves jumping through one to a star system light years away.

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