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Meet the Voice Actors of Trails of Cold Steel’s Voice Cast

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Meet the Voice Actors of Trails of Cold Steel’s Voice Cast

Meet the Voice Actors of Trails of Cold Steel’s Voice Cast

Trails of the Cold Steel’s PS4 remake has arrived. Let’s dive right into the voice actors of Trails of the Cold Steel’s voice cast. The characters of this game in particular are what sets it apart from the crowd, and the remake adds additional new voice acting lines.

Sean Chiplock – Rean Schwarzer

Sean Chiplock has become a prominent voice in the world of anime and video games, and you’d probably know him best as Subaru, the main character of the popular anime Re: Zero. Some of his other credits include Revali in Breath of the Wild, Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Super, and Spade in Freedom Planet. For Trails of Cold Steel Chiplock plays the leading man, Rean Schwarzer.

Rachel Hirschfield – Alisa Reinford – Trails of Cold Steel’s Voice Actors

Rachel Hirschfield is a singer, stage actress, and dancer, who has a long list of skills. However, she hasn’t been as active in the world of voice acting in recent years. Aside from playing Alisa in Trails of Cold Steel, you might recognize here as the voice of Teni Shizen in Ikki tousen or Lili Rochefort in Tekken 6.

Lucien Dodge – Elliot Craig

The third member of Class VII, Elliot, is played by Lucien Dodge, someone with a long list of credits in anime and video games. Most recently you’d know him as the voice of Amuro Ray in Gundam: The Origin, Forseti in Valkyria Chronicles 4, or Mikhael in Left Alive. He’s also worked as a crew member on various films, like Logan and of course is one of the Trails of Cold Steel’s voice actors.

Marisah Ray – Laura S. Arseid

Marisha Ray has worked on a number of projects as both an actress and crew member, and she’s specifically done quite a few video games recently. She’s played Margaret in Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight, Keyleth in Pillars of Eternity II, and the player character in Metal Gear Survive. She’s also a key member of the hit web series Critical Role.

Edward Bosco – Machias Regnitz

Edward Bosco continues to be an active actor in video games and anime, playing roles like Leonid in Left Alive, Georg in Shining Resonance Refrain, and multiple roles in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Bosco plays Machias Regnitz in Trails of Cold Steel, the headstrong commoner of Class VII.

Benjamin Diskin – Jusis Albarea – Trails of Cold Steel’s Voice Actors

Benjamin Diskin is a voice that you’ve no doubt heard before, whether you realize it or not. Recently he was the English voice of Mega Man in Mega Man 11, Young Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts III, and Haida in Aggretsuko. Fun fact, he also played Sylvester in the 1990 film Kindergarten Cop.

Rena Strober – Emma Millstein

Rena Strober plays the brilliantly academic Emma Millstein in Trails of Cold Steel, and she’s a TV and voice actress with quite a few credits. She’s best known for playing Crystal in Veep, Emily Knowland in Shameless, and Kanami in Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

Cassandra Lee Morris – Fie Claussell

Cassandra Lee Morris is another voice that you’ve definitely hear somewhere, with prominent roles like Morgana in Persona 5, Atra in Mobile Suite Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, and Leafa in Sword Art Online, and of course she’s a voice actor in Trails of the Cold Steel. In this game, Morris plays yet another member of Class VII, the mysterious young girl Fie.

Kaiji Tang – Gaius Worzel

Kaiji Tang has done a good amount of work in video games and anime, and this time around he plays the role of Class VII’s most stalwart member, Gaius Worzel. You might recognize Tang from his roles as Professor Futoi in Ajin, Koici in Danganronpa 3, and none other than Detective Pikachu in the game of the same name.

Carrie Keranen – Sara Valestein

Carrie Keranen is a longtime voice actress who has also served as assistant director on a number of different projects. Some of here more prominent roles over the years consist of Murrue Ramias in Gundam Seed, Irina in Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Caroline/Justine in Persona 5. For Trails of Cold Steel, she plays the happy-go-lucky instructor of Class VII.

Matthew Mercer – Olivert Reise Arnor

Matthew Mercer is an incredibly well-known voice in video games, and he’s also a key member of the web series Critical Role and a prominent voice actor of Trails of the Cold Steel. Mercer is best known as the iconic voice behind McCree in Overwatch.

However, he was also the longtime voice of Leon Kennedy until Resident Evil 2, and voiced Chrom in Fire Emblem Awakening as well as Levi in the English dub of Attack on Titan. He also plays the returning character of Olivert in Trails of Cold Steel, a party member from the Trails in the Sky games.

Kira Buckland – Celine – Trails of Cold Steel’s Voice Actors

Celine doesn’t pop up until quite a ways into Trails of Cold Steel, but she’s played by Kira Buckland whose, no doubt, best known for playing 2B in NieR: Automata. She has a ton of other acting credits as well, however, including Naoka in A Silent Voice, Jibanyan in Yo-Kai Watch, and Talim in SoulCalibur VI.

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