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Meet the Voice Actors of NBA 2K20’s My Career Voice Cast


Meet the Voice Actors of NBA 2K20’s My Career Voice Cast

Deric Augustine – Che (MyPlayer)

NBA 2K20 once again places a heavy emphasis on story, as the game’s prelude follows Che (MyPlayer), an up and coming basketball player with the hopes of making it in the NBA. So it makes sense that an up and coming actor like Deric Augustine is the voice of this character. He is best known for playing Rockwell in Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger.

Idris Elba – Coach Ernie Ames

Idris Elba is a big get for NBA 2K20’s story mode, as his role as Che’s college coach not only brings a soothing voice to the production but also sets the tone for a solid set of voice performances throughout. He is best known for his work on the silver screen, playing Heimdall in Thor, Krall in Star Trek Beyond, and Brixton in Hobbs and Shaw.

Josiah Cross Wiggins – Porter Rose

Josiah Cross Wiggins is out to make a name for himself in NBA 2K20, playing the supporting role of Porter Rose throughout the prelude. Though he may still be young, with only two acting credits to his name, his performance in the story mode shows there is a lot of potential for him.

Mark Cuban – Himself

It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that the eccentric billionaire, Mark Cuban is in NBA 2K20. Alongside owning the Dallas Mavericks, he has appeared in plenty of shows and movies – The League, Entourage, The Neighbors – where he also plays himself.

Rosario Dawson – Isa Ellington

Alongside Idris Elba, you may be surprised to hear another familiar voice in NBA 2K20, as Rosario Dawson plays Che’s advisor. She has a slew of acting credits since she started in 1995, including Billie Lurk in Dishonored 2 (Video game), Claire Temple in The Defenders series (TV), and Becky in Clerks II (Movies).

Thomas Middleditch – Zachary Beighley

If your Agent in NBA 2K20 sounds and looks vaguely similar to Emmy Award winner Thomas Middleditch, its because they are one in the same. The Silicon Valley plays Zachary Beighley throughout the game’s prelude, working as Che’s agent, giving him advice to get draft.

Lebron James – Himself

No, you aren’t hearing things, that is indeed the voice of King James Himself. The Lakers’ Small Forward put his acting chops on display once again, taking what he has learned from his movie roles in Trainwreck, Smallfoot, and the upcoming Space Jam 2. Alongside playing himself in My Career, Lebron James is also an executive producer for the game.

Blondy Baruti – Axel “A.W.” Walden

You’ve got to be extremely talented to be able to play a character that starts out as an adversary and ends as a friend. While he may be new on the scene, there is no doubting that Blondy Baruti is just that, showing a wide range of character traits when voicing Che’s roommate, Axel “A.W.” Walden, throughout the prelude. He has also been in Guardians of the Galaxy as Huhtar.

Lamorne Morris – Barber Mo

Whether it’s his work in New Girl (TV) or Game Night (Movie), Lamorne Morris has always been an eccentric actor, hamming up his comedy chops to get a laugh. His work as Barber Mo in NBA 2K20 might be his craziest role yet, which is evident from the first time you sit in his barber chair.

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