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Meet the Voice Actors of Battletoad’s Voice Cast

battletoads voice actors

Meet the Voice Actors of Battletoad’s Voice Cast

Battletoads is back! The retro classic best remembered for its frantic action, whimsical characters, and punishing difficulty returns after more than 25 years. This time, our beloved amphibians are brought to life by an esteemed voice cast. Here are the voice actors of Battletoads for Xbox One and PC.

Battletoads Voice Actors

battletoads voice actors

Eric Bauza – Rash

Canadian actor Eirc Buaza plays Rash, the Battletoads’ squad leader known for his slick sunglasses. Bauza is one of the Battletoads most experienced voice actors, having lent his voice to several notable animated series including Transformers (Drift), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Tiger Claw), and Duck Tales (Big Time Beagle) to name just a few.

Ryan Ridley – Zitz

Ryan Ridley is an actor and writer whose extensive resume includes credits on a whole bunch of notable projects. That includes writing and performing in dozens of episodes of Rick and Morty. He also wrote several episodes of The Wastelander TV series.

In addition to being a Battletoads voice actor. Ridley’s only other video game acting performance was Trover Saves the Universe (Michael / Comedy Guy / Insect Prisoner 4).

Echo Kellum – Pimple

Pimple is Battletoads’ big friendly giant, and he’s played by Echo Kellum, another member of the voice cast whose voice you might recognize from Rick and Morty. Kellum played a number of roles in the show, including Brad and Triple Trunks. Some of his other notable performances were on-screen roles in shows like Arrow (Curtis Holt), and Legends of Tomorrow (also Curtis Holt).

Siobhan Hewlett – Dark Queen

Siobhan Hewlett plays Battletolds’ antagonist, Dark Queen, the evil schemer plotting to take over the galaxy and thwart the amphibians at every turn. Hewlett is an Irish actress who draws on experience across film, television, and video games for her performance in Battletoads. Aside from being a voice actor in Battletoads, she is best known for having played Helen in Sherlock, and Tracey in Redemption, but video game players might recognize her voice from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, in which she played Eveline ‘The Ermine’ Gallo.

That does it for this article about the voice actors of Battletoads’ cast. If you’re a fan of this sort of content then you should check out our other voice cast features, including this one and this one.

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