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Meet the Voice Actors of Agents of Mayhem’s Cast

Agents of Mayhem

Meet the Voice Actors of Agents of Mayhem’s Cast

The esteemed cast of Agents of Mayhem.

Melanie Minichino – Fortune

Melanie Minichino plays the role of Agent Fortune. With a resume that includes performances Sunset Overdrive, For Honor, and Halo 5 to name a few, she brings plenty of experience to the role. In Agents of Mayhem, Minichino plays Columbian former Sky Pirate, Fortune, who is part of the Franchise Force Squad. Hailing from Rio De Janeiro, Fortune bids farewell to her pirate ship in a bid to help bring down LEGION. She always has her trusty drone by her side.


Also a member of the Franchise Squad, Hardtack is a tough military type known for his bravery in combat. In Agents of Mayhem, he is played by Terrence “T.C” Carson, an actor known for stellar on-stage acting performances. Carson’s had plenty of experiences across other mediums, though, including roles in video games. You might remember his voice from Far Car Primal, Disney Infinity 3.0, Saints Row, or BioShock Infinite.

Trevor Devall – Hollywood

In Agents of Mayhem, Hollywood likes to play up to his namesake. An aspiring actor and proclaimed “Face of Mayhem”, this outgoing smoothe operator swapped the porn industry for kicking but as an Agent. Voice actor Trevor Devall is perhaps the prolific actor Hollywood wants to be, having starred in dozens of television and video games across his distinguished career. He recently played RAvus Nox Fleuret in Final Fantasy XV.

Eliza Schneider – Rama

Rama fights the good fight, reputed for work in helping to curb the Dark Matter plague in her native India. Now she’s ready to do battle against the disease that is LEGION. She’s voiced by Eliza Schneider, a video game voice actor specialist with a glistening resume that includes Prey, Final FAntasy XV, World of Warcraft, and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Pierce Washington

Lauded for his vocal dexterity, Arif S. Kinchen is one of a handful of African American’s who has made his mark in the video game industry. Kinchen reprises the role that first brought him acclaim: Pierce Washington from Saint’s Row. Now, having unified all the gangs of Stilwater, Washington has joined M.A.Y.H.E.M under the alias of Kingpin.

Mark Allan Stewart – Yeti

Another of our favorites from Saints Row, Yeti is Oleg Kirlov, a Russian born agent left in an icy state after volunteering for the top-secret “Cold Warrior” initiative. Having escaped the confines of the program, he’s ready to do battle with LEGION. Yeti is voiced by Mark Allan Stewart, who’s actually well known for his role as a different agent: Agent Oliver of the Marvel TV series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Stewart also brings experience working on several acclaimed videos game franchises such as Infamous, and BioShock.

Sharon Muthu – Scheherazade

Forming part of the Firing Squad trinity, Scheherazade is a mysterious assassin who keeps her cards close to her chest. What we do know is that her agility and deadly skills are an invaluable asset to her team. American actor Sharon Muthu voices Scheherazade in the upcoming title, drawing on her acting experience as a television star in series such as Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. Muthu has also voiced minor roles in Diablo III and Hitman: Absolution.

Matthew Yang King – Oni

Oni gave up his life of mafioso organized crime once he realized the orders were being passed down from LEGION. He’s now determined to take them down on the right side of the law. Matthew Yang King voices the role, with a massive resume of experience across producer, director, writer, and motion capture roles. Notably, he is credited as the creator, writer, and actor in the acclaimed web series, The World of Steam.

Cherise Boothe – Braddock

Cherise Booth has been acting professionally for over a decade, but she’s only recently diversified into video game voice acting. Booth’s debut role was back in 2016 when she voiced the role of Maggie in Evolve. In Agents of Mayhem, Booth voices Braddock, the master tactician who has swapped sides to help destroy LEGION.

Misty Lee – Daisy

Misty Lee voices Daisy, the roller skating heavy weapons expert that is part of the Carnage a Trois squad. And Carnage she will certainly wreak with her enormous cannon, especially given that isn’t much of a fan of authority. Daisy needs a commanding voice to do her justice, so good thing Misty Lee knows her trade. Lee’s resume boasts enormous video game experience, spanning major titles over the past six years. The Batman: Arkham trilogy, as well as The Last of Us, Dead Rising, Final Fantasy, and BioShock are notable highlights.

Red Card

Dave B. Mitchell is also somewhat of a video game voice acting specialist, having worked on AAA productions such as Fallout 4 and Deus Ex, though only in minor roles. In Agents of Mayhem, he’ll be taking center stage as one of the Agents, Red Card. Red Card’s a good fit for MAYHEM, having been spied after instigating a riot against LEGION at a championship soccer game. Now he’ll be turning up the chaos to the next level.


Anna Vocino voices Joule, the Italian born Agent with a curious upbringing. Joule was raised by a fashion expert and one of the world’s leading engineers, so she’s both intelligent and immaculately presented at all times as a result. Vocino has been in the industry for over a decade, with her first voice acting role playing a U.S Marshal in Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Since then, Vocino has appeared in several other notable franchises, such as Dead Space and Final Fantasy.

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