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Meet the Actors of Erica’s Cast

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Meet the Actors of Erica’s Cast

Being announced and released at the same time during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live show, Erica is a new interactive movie. You might not know a lot of the actors, but here’s everything you want to know about who the actors of the Erica cast are.

Holly Earl – Erica Mason

Appearing on stage at Gamescom when Erica was announced as releasing that night, Holly Earl plays the titular character and has appeared in a load of British TV dramas and sitcoms. She’s played characters in Skins, Doctor Who, and Humans. She great as Zoe in often hilarious comedy, Cuckoo, which starred Taylor Lautner and Andy Samberg over its five seasons.

Duncan Casey – Sgt. Duncan Blake – Erica Cast

Playing the police sergeant you’re not sure whether to trust or not, Duncan Blake, is Duncan Casey. While he has appeared in a few episodes of British soaps Emmerdale and Eastenders, he’s most recognisable from his movie work, having appeared in A Fistfull of Lead and The Hatton Garden Job. Interestingly, while he’s worked a lot in the UK, he was actually born in The Bahamas.

Sasha Frost – Hannah Kaye

Without being familiar with British TV shows that are almost a rite of passage for actors over the pond, such as Holby City and Casualty, you’re unlikely to know Sasha Frost. She is excellent as Hannah Kaye in Erica though.

Chelsea Edge – Tobi Neumann

Another member of the Erica voice cast who’s best know for her British TV show acting, you might not recognise her. However, if you’re a fan of the band Wolf Alice and watch their music videos, you might know her from the video for Don’t Delete the Kisses. She plays Tobi, the initially angry girl in Erica.

Nakeba Buchanan – Mia Greene – Erica Cast

Another member of the Erica voice cast who you probably won’t recognise from her other work is Nakeba Buchanan. She’s great as the mysterious Mia Greene in the game, but aside from a small role in the movie Dead Man Running, there’s not else you’ll know here from.

Ian Pirie – Chief Insp. David Caulker

While Ian Pirie has still played characters in British dramas, like much of the Erica voice cast, he’s known for some more substantial roles in more famous movies. He plays Babet in the 2012 Les Miserables big screen adaptation and small roles in the likes of Die Another Day and The Dark Knight.

Terence Maynard – Lucien Flowers

I know Terence Maynard are Tony, Jason dodgy Dad in Coronation Street, but you American readers are more likely to recognise him as the Sergeant who shouted at Tom Cruise every time his life began in Edge of Tomorrow (or whatever it’s now called). If you’re from the UK though, he’s been in almost every soap and popular drama you could think of from the last 20 years.

Brian F. Mulvey – Peter Mason – Erica Cast

Brian F. Mulvey plays Erica’s father, Peter Mason, and you might recognise him from small roles in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and I.T. Also, according to IMDb, he was recently cast as a young version of a Liam Neeson character before being written out.

Louise Bangay – Dr. Rosa Ballard

Again, there’s little you’ll know Louise Bangay from other than British shows like Doctors, Midsomer Murders, and The Bill, but she is excellent as the initially nice but definitely dodgy Dr. Rosa Ballard in Erica.

That’s it for all the actors of the Erica cast. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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