Here Are the Witcher Netflix Actors Next to Their Video Game Counterparts

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The Witcher Netflix series understandably has a lot of fans excited. So many franchises have recently been given superb TV-on-demand adaptations and The Witcher universe is another that deserves its chance to shine. Obviously, it’s a video game IP that has become immensely popular over the past ten years, but it’s also a franchise that has a massive fanbase from the original source material alone.

Basically, it’s a big deal to a lot of people, and nailing the cast is going to make or break the viewing experience for many. Over the past month we’ve finally got a handle on which actors and actresses will be taking up the roles of our favorite protagonists. But have they got it right? We’re comparing the faces that are to bring each character to life against those from the video game series, subsequent Gwent spin-off, and various images from Witcher lore.

This handy edited image is a mock-up of what Henry Cavill might look like playing the role of Geralt. We think his casting makes sense from a visual point of view.

Anya Chalotra plays the role of a young Yennefer in the upcoming series. The image below is the one that’s floating around the internet most commonly, but it’s one that actually makes her look more baby-faced than she is elsewhere. Even so, we think it’s a good fit. Yennefer is supposed to be 20 years younger than The Witcher 3, long before she’s a powerful sorceress.


Freya Allan is absolutely spot on, in our book –especially in this image which shows her younger version in The Witcher 3. Check out this adorable video of her performing a musical, presumably at acting school.

Witcher 3 fans will surely remember Mousesack the Druid from the Skellige Isles. Adam Levy plays his role in the Netlflix series. Perhaps with the appropriate beard and outfit, he’ll look the part, but Mousesack was quite a bumbling oldie in The Witcher 3. Mind you, that was 20 years after the events in the upcoming Netflix series.

Fringella is a Nilfgaardian sorceress, and she’s being played by Mimi Ndiweni. The character plays an interesting role in the source material, where she’s both ally and enemy to one or two central characters throughout. Ndiweni is of Zimbabwean descent but she’s a British citizen, trained in London, with both TV and theatre experience.

Björn Hlynur Haraldsson plays the role of Eist, a Skelligan knight and later Jarl. He’s married to the Queen Calanthe of Cintra, who also stars in the Netflix show, played by Jodhi May. If you’ve played Gwent, you’ll recognize this card. Notably, it was supposed to be in the original Witcher 3 version of Gwent but didn’t make the cut. It’s since been added to the standalone game.

The above picture is actually fanart. We can’t any pictures of Queen Calanthe since she’s never appeared in the games. Described as a “Lioness,” she’s a fearless leader of Cintra. Her nephew is Crach an Craite, who later goes on to lead Skellige in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Again, the above picture is lore art associated with The Witcher franchise. Millie Brady is playing the outcast princess, who will only be known to those who have read the novels. In brief, she’s basically a badass version of Snow White, gnomes and all!

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