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Have a Look at Watch Dogs 2’s Most Fashionable Outfits


Have a Look at Watch Dogs 2’s Most Fashionable Outfits

The many outfits of Marcus Halloway.

Watch Dogs 2 is fashionable af. Most sandbox games let you customize your character to your heart’s desire, but Watch Dogs 2 takes it to a whole different level. Watch Dog 2’s clothes actually feel fashionable, and they look great in action as well. It’s definitely not the most important part in what is already such a great game, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t spent hours trying different styles and switching clothes before missions. Let’s break down some different moods of Marcus.

Marcus Halloway can ROCK a tight-fit button-up shirt with cartoon donuts all over it. He also knows his way around a beanie, which you’ll see moving forward.

Look at that shirt. That shirt has pineapples on it and it is very baggy. And those pants? There’s not much to say other than “yep, the 90s.”

This is Skater Marcus. He just takes it easy and goes wherever the board takes him. The shorts are most definitely the highlight of this look. He just looks so comfortable.

This is Marcus when he’s ballin the hardest. He might be a professional hacker, but that doesn’t mean he can’t run alongside the fanciest of folk.

Look, we’ve all been there. You want to go for a job, but you just can’t stand the leg prison that are pants today. With this look, Marcus set himself (as well as his calves and the wealthy majority of his thighs) FREE! Jog on in Watch Dogs 2.

Biker Marcus isn’t taking ANY of your crap. The studs on his boots make that immensely clear. Piss him off again, and he’s gonna put his goggles on. And you really don’t want that.

Some days, Marcus shows his love for the oft-forgotten but no less wonderful Fruit Stripe Bubblegum with the pants seen here. They’re not his favorite pants, and they don’t seem to go with anything else in his wardrobe, but he loves them nonetheless.

Business CASHual Marcus wants to keep everything professional if the need arises, but he’s also not afraid to comfortably climb up a hill in his stylish shorts.

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, Cuddly Marcus likes to relax with a nice book and spend the day in his favorite stories. If he runs out of coffee pods, the rest of his ensemble enables him to stroll on down to the market with ease.

Summertime Marcus doesn’t let the blazing sun get him down. He just takes off his shirt, throws on a puffy jacket, and gets spirited away on summer adventures.

This is easily the most versatile outfit in our main man’s closest. Can he participate in three triathalons? Yes. Can he stand in the middle of the street and direct traffic? You bet. Can he walk down the runway of Paris’ most exclusive fashion show? Duh.
This is Marcus when he’s about to drop his latest mixtape onto the unsuspecting public. They don’t know it yet, but soon their ears will be a cacophony of bleeps and bloops from everybody’s favorite hacker.

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