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Here Are the Voice Actors of Halo Wars 2’s Cast


Here Are the Voice Actors of Halo Wars 2’s Cast

Meet the crew of the Spirit of Fire.

James Cutter is the Captain of the Spirit of Fire, and one of the returning characters from the first Halo Wars. In Halo Wars 2 he’s played by Gideon Emery, who’s had quite a few roles in games and TV. You may recognize him as Gideon from Call of Duty: Advance Warfare, Samson in Dragon Age: Inquisition, or Anatoly from the Netflix TV series Daredevil.

John DiMaggio is probably best known for two prominent roles in animation, Jake from Adventure Time and Bender from Futurama. He’s also voiced some minor roles in the Halo series before, and also did the voice of Marcus Fenix in Gears of War. In Halo Wars 2 he plays the role of Atriox, the terrifying renegade brute and main villain of the game.

You’ll immediately recognize Faye Kingslee as Faith Connors from the Mirror’s Edge games. She also played Citra in Far Cry 3 and has had roles in a number of TV shows like Legends of Tomorrow, Unforgettable, and Last Resort. In Halo Wars 2 she plays Ellen Anders, a returning member of the Spirit of Fire, and a brilliant scientist.

Erika is best known for a quite recent role in video games, when she played Joule Adams in the Microsoft exclusive ReCore. In Halo Wars 2 she plays a newcomer to the series, an AI named Isabel who’s instrumental in helping the Spirit of Fire.

Nika Futterman has had a ton of roles in animation and video games, including playing Runa in the recently released For Honor. She’s probably best known for the roles of Asajj Ventress in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Futterman plays Alice-130 in Halo Wars 2, one of three Spartans aboard the Spirit of Fire and a deadly warrior.

Matt Waterson has had a number of notable roles lately including Virgil in Fallout 4, Draal in Netflix series Trollhunters, and Titus Drautos in Final Fantasy XV and Kingsglaive. He’ll also be playing Conan in the upcoming Conan Exiles. In Halo Wars 2, Waterson plays the role of Douglas-042, the Spartan you’ll see the most in the game.

Mark Deklin has done a number of roles in TV like Jack Bowman in Designated Survivors, Cameron Davies in Rizzolie & Isles, and Jon Murphy in Criminal Minds. He also played the role of John Greystroke in the 2013 film Tarzan. He takes the role of Jerome-092 in Halo Wars 2, the third member of the trio of Spartans aboard the Spirit of Fire.

You’ll no doubt recognize Darin De Paul from some pretty major recent roles in video games. He played Samuel Hayden in DOOM, Reinhardt in Overwatch, and Ardyn Izunia in Final Fantasy XV. For Halo Wars 2, he plays Let ‘Volir, a minor villain that’s part of the Banished and a Sangheili Shipmaster.

If you’ve played a Halo game in the past, you’ve no doubt heard the voice of Jeff Steitzer. He’s been the multiplayer announcer in every game since Halo 2, and even did minor roles in the first Halo. However, he’s also had roles in TV shows like 30 Rock and Law & Order. In Halo Wars 2, the announcer is mainly heard in Blitz mode.

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