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17 Final Fantasy Characters That Need to Be in Kingdom Hearts 3

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17 Final Fantasy Characters That Need to Be in Kingdom Hearts 3

17 Final Fantasy Characters We Hope to See in Kingdom Hearts 3


Although Final Fantasy XIII itself isn’t looked back on as fondly as most other Final Fantasy games, there many complaints about the game’s main character, Lightning. That’s because she’s a total badass. In spin-off Final Fantasy games, she’s often shown front and center with the likes of Cloud and Squall, and she’d fit right alongside them in Kingdom Hearts.


This one’s a no-brainer. Not only is it the most recent game in the series, but Noctis shares so much in common with some of the Kingdom Hearts cast, especially Riku. Noctis could even serve a similar role as Remy from Ratatouille and have his own mini-game. Fishing, of course.


Kingdom Hearts often raises the question about its characters, “are they actually good or bad?” Kain absolutely embodies alignment ambiguity, so he’d fit right in. He’d certainly make for an awesome boss fight. Plus, how have we come this far in the Kingdom Hearts series without seeing a Dragoon — one of Final Fantasy’s most iconic jobs? (No, the nobody enemy named Dragoon doesn’t count.)


We’ve already seen the other two PS1 heroes, Cloud and Squall, so throw Zidane a bone Square Enix. He’s often left out of the limelight, and that’s a shame. He’s zippy, upbeat, but can also get pretty serious, just like Sora. They could be best pals. Move aside Riku!

Balthier and Fran

Balthier and Fran, the sky pirates from Final Fantasy XII, have to come as a pair. Now that Kingdom Hearts 3 allows up to two guest party members, you could fight alongside both of them together. And wouldn’t it be great if they showed up in the same world as Jack Sparrow? Sky pirates versus sea pirate.

Squall (Leon)

It’s not a sure thing that all Final Fantasy characters with previous Kingdom Hearts appearances will be returning in Kingdom Hearts 3, but Leon’s just got to come back. There’s clearly a great friendship made between Sora and Leon in the previous games, and we need at least one more chapter of the Sora X Leon saga before Sora’s story ends.

Cloud and Sephiroth

You can’t have Cloud without Sephiroth. Sephiroth is Cloud’s dark side, after all (according to Kingdom Hearts lore, anyway). Kingdom Hearts 2 featured one of the greatest cinematic clashes between these two that we’ve ever seen, and we’d love to see another one with the improved visuals of Kingdom Hearts 3. And you can’t have a numbered Kingdom Hearts game without an exhaustingly difficult Sephiroth superboss.


Where on earth have the chocobos been? Sure, there’s a chocobo Gummi ship and the Metal Chocobo Keyblade, but what about the beautiful birds themselves? Seeing Goofy being flung from a chocobo yelling his signature “yaaah-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooey” is all I’ve ever wanted.


Kingdom Hearts has Prince Charming, Prince Philip, Prince Eric, and Prince Charming, all of whom get the one girl that they desire. That’s a little boring. What about a ladies’ man who always strikes out? That’s why we need Edgar in Kingdom Hearts. Imagine the tension that will arise between everyone when he tries to hit on Kairi. It’s the sort of awkward humor that Kingdom Hearts thrives on. Also, we just need more characters from Final Fantasy VI and prior in Kingdom Hearts.


Gilgamesh in Kingdom Hearts just makes too much sense. It’s alluded to that the Gilgamesh that appears in multiple Final Fantasy games may in fact be the same character as the one that originated in Final Fantasy V, hopping from world to world. He’s also a collector of the world’s most illustrious weapons. It doesn’t get more illustrious than the Keyblade. So why doesn’t he take a trip to the Destiny Islands to nab himself a Keyblade. He’ll probably get defeated and end up in the Realm of Darkness, but he’s escaped from tighter jams in the past.


Final Fantasy XII’s Archadian Judges are there to uphold law and order. Gabranth is faithful to the cause, and it’s clear that the state of the Kingdom Hearts universe is completely out of balance due to Xehanort’s dishonorable actions. Gabranth needs to teach him a lesson.


Ace is the poster boy for Final Fantasy Type-0 and even proved popular enough to earn himself a spot in the latest Dissidia game. His coolest aspect has to be his weapon: cards. I’m sure he’d get along great with Luxord (or whatever his human form is called) in Kingdom Hearts 3. Perhaps they could ignore all of the fighting and just have a chill game of poker.


Shantotto is one of the most powerful mages in Final Fantasy. Let’s not forget that Maleficent will be back in Kingdom Hearts 3 and reeking more havoc than ever, so perhaps it’s down to a more powerful magic-user like Shantotto to banish her for good. She could even teach Yen Sid a thing or two.


Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura has stated, “[he] would have liked to put Vincent in [Kingdom Hearts],” so what better time is there than the finale of the Xehanort saga? He even went so far as to meld part of Vincent’s design into the first Kingdom Hearts’ Cloud. Vincent is pretty vampire-like, so I’m sure Hades could summon him to fight for him, similarly to Auron in Kingdom Hearts 2.


Final Fantasy VIII’s story is similar to Kingdom Hearts in that they’re both very confusing. Parts of Final Fantasy VIII see you switch from Squall to Laguna, who serves as an analogue to Squall and his connection to a different time. It sort of reminds me of Sora and Roxas. Perhaps Sora could team up with Squall in one part of the game, whereas Roxas could team up with Laguna in another.

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