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Fallout Holiday Gift Guide 2019 for the Mega Fan

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Fallout Holiday Gift Guide 2019 for the Mega Fan

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to beat the rush and get all of your shopping done. For Fallout fans, there is a vault full of goodies to enjoy all across the marketplace. With plenty of content releasing for Fallout 76 and other things to enjoy from past installments in the series, we’ve got everything you’ll need inside our Fallout Holiday Gift Guide for 2019 below:

iBuyPower Fallout Computer

While consoles versions of Fallout are how many get their start playing the series, there is no doubt the PC versions are much different.

Whether it’s the modding community or overall quality, purchasing this iBuyPower Computer is going to result in an experience like no other when playing your favorite RPG. If the entire computer is too pricey, you can still purchase the case separately.

Collector’s Box

The Fallout Collector’s Box houses a lot of goodies wastelanders are sure to love.

This bundle includes an Adamantium Skeleton Vinyl Figurine, Vault Boy Desktop Planter, Vault-Tec Scarf, Spiral Notebook, and a Plasma Pistol Glow-in-the-dark Enamel Pin.

Vault-Tec Tactical Backpack

Few things are more important for surviving the wastes than a sturdy backpack to carry all of your gear in.

With durability and size in mind, the Fallout 76 Vault-Tec Tactical Backpack is perfect for anyone who has a lot of stuff to carry that also wants to rep their favorite video game series simultaneously.

Modiphius Entertainment Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

Tabletop gamers don’t have to feel isolated when it comes to all the Fallout fun this holiday thanks to Modiphius Entertainment Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

In this board game, players build their crew and go on an adventure, all featuring factions, allies, and iconic characters from the series.

Nuka Cola Men’s Red T-Shirt

No matter what variant you prefer, every fan of the series can agree that Nuka Cola is the soft drink for them.

Represent that love for the unhealthy, yet addicting, soft drink by purchasing the red Men’s tee that features the drink’s logo across the chest.

Fallout 76 Excavator Funko Pop!

While it may not grant you +25% critical damage with heavy weapons, picking up the Excavator Funko Pop! this season is sure to boost your environment, no matter where you put it.

With an average price of under $10, this vinyl figure is a perfect cheap purchase for any Fallout fan.

Monopoly: Fallout Collector’s Edition Board Game

Monopoly, the classic fast-dealing property trading board game that continues to stand the test of time, gets an apocalyptic flavor with the collector’s edition.

Rebuild the world of the Wastelands by buying, selling, and trading away iconic locations from the series, competing against friends and family to be the last one standing.

For even more on Bethesda’s RPG series, check out our review of Fallout 4 and an opinion piece on Fallout 1st.

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