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Meet the Voice Actors of Detroit: Become Human’s Cast

Detroit Becomes Human

Meet the Voice Actors of Detroit: Become Human’s Cast

The voice actors of Detroit: Become Human’s cast.

Detroit: Become Human Minka Kelly – North

North is a WR400 android that accompanies Markus on his journey in the game. She is voiced by and modeled after Minka Kelly, an actress born in Los Angeles, California – the only child of former Aerosmith guitarist, Rick Dufay, and Maureen Kelly. Detroit: Become Human is her first appearance in a video game, having typically acted in TV series such as Charlie’s Angels and The Path.

Bryan Dechart – Connor

Fittingly, Bryan Dechart was raised just outside Detroit, Michigan, before his acting career started. Most of his resume spans TV series and short films, but he recently got some video game voice over experience working on Mafia III, in which he played various minor voice roles. He takes center stage in Detroit: Become Human as Connor, the android detective.

Jesse Williams – Markus – Meet the voice actors

Markus is a central protagonist of Detroit: Become Human, an RK200 Android, he was initially developed as part of secret CyberLife program aimed at elaborating a new generation of autonomous androids. He is voiced by and modeled after Jesse Williams. Williams is an American actor best known for his role as Dr. Jackson Avery on the ABC Television series Grey’s Anatomy. Detroit: Become Human is his first role in a video game.

Valorie Curry – Kara – Meet the voice actors

Kara will be one of most recognizable characters of Detroit: Become Human for many. She was the original star of the PS3 tech-demonstration that inspired Detroit: Become Human, and she’s now a central protagonist in the final story. She is voiced by and modeled after Valorie Curry, an American actress from California that has starred in TV series such as Veronica Mars and CSI: NY. Curry also played the role of Talia in the movie Blair Witch.

Clancy Brown – Hank Anderson – Meet the voice actors

Lieutenant Hank Anderson is a gruff, alcoholic detective who dislikes androids. He’s begrudgingly partnered to Connor after Cyberlife sends assistance to the Detroit Police. He is voiced by and modeled after Clancy Brown, an American actor with a deep, resonant voice that he’s put to use in several animated TV series, such as Star Wars Rebels, Spongebob Squarepants, and Avengers Assemble. He’s also featured in video games, too, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mass Effect Andromeda.

Lance Henriksen – Carl Manfred – Detroit: Become Human – Meet the voice actors

In Detroit: Become Human, Carl Manfred is a celebrated artist who owns Markus at the beginning of the story, before he becomes a revolutionist. Having lost the use of his legs, Markus assists his daily care requirements. Carl treats him as if he were a human, exposing him to art and literature. Carl is played by Lance Henrikson, a versatile actor who boasts a career that spans an eclectic range of different characters, from clean-cut FBI agents to murderous vampires. Along with other video games such as Knights of the Old Republic, Henriksen has featured in TV series, animated productions, and film.

Simbi Kali – Amanda – Detroit: Become Human – Meet the voice actors

Amanda is the superior of Connor who tasks him to investigate and solve the cases involving deviant androids. She is voiced by and modeled after Simba Kali, an American actress from Jackon, Mississippi, who is best known for 3rd Rock from the Sun, We Were Soldiers, and A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.

Ben Lambert – Daniel/Simon – Detroit: Become Human – Meet the voice actors

Ben Lambert is an actor and producer, known for Zero Dark Thirty, True Bloodthirst, and Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz. Detroit: Become Human is his first role in a video game. He plays two characters: Daniel, and Simon. They’re both the same model of android, but you’ll likely recognize Daniel if you’ve played the recent demo for Detroit: Become Human or seen the scene in which Conor attempts to talk down the android about to jump off a building with a young girl in hand.

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