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10 New Things We Learned About Destiny: Rise of Iron Today

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10 New Things We Learned About Destiny: Rise of Iron Today

So much info on our next adventure, Guardians.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will be seeing a substantial increase in Light Level. In fact, it will be getting two increases. The launch of the expansion will raise the bar to 385 which will be increased again to 400 when the Hard Mode of the new raid gets released.

Wow your Light Level will be reaching for the stars when Rise of Iron releases, your level will not be following along. The cap of 40, introduced in The Taken King, will remain the same, giving you time to focus on other things.

Bungie is introducing eight new artifacts based off of the Lords of Iron. One such Artifact will be based off of Jolder. She loved to charge into battle so equipping her item will remove the sprint recharge delay from your Guardian. Each of the other seven Lords will have equally unique, game changing

Those new artifacts don’t only add game-changing boons to your Guardian, they’re also class agnostic meaning you can use them with any of your created characters.

One worry that often comes along with powerful new gear in Destiny is whether or not it will make choices more difficult. The rule of only one exotic piece of armor is very limiting, so it’s satisfying to hear that you can rock both a powerful Artifact and your favorite exotic piece of armor.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will introduce a new NPC by the name of Tyra Karn. It is through her that players will obtain challenges to earn the favor of the Iron Lords in order to unlock the eight new Artifacts. She’ll have three to choose from each week.

The Record Book will keep track of all your progress in Rise of Iron. It will also be how you unlock rewards from the Iron Lords. As you reach new completion milestones you’ll gain access to new armor, emblems, and more.

The Record Book won’t be the only way to earn new goodies from Destiny’s new expansion. New armor sets and weapons are being added to every activity for players to earn through their exploits. That means you can expect shiny new gear from the Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris, the new raid, and more.

Ornaments are a new customization item that will be introduced in Rise of Iron. These allow you to alter the appearance of pieces of armor and exotic weapons.

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