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Best Single Player PS4 Games You Can Play Right Now

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Best Single Player PS4 Games You Can Play Right Now

PlayStation has always been known for its offline experiences and that’s true for the PS4, too. Here is a list of the best single player PS4 games.

Best Single Player PS4 Games


Arguably one of the best games from prolific developer, From Software. This game takes all the mechanics we love from the popular Souls series and adds a dark, gothic aesthetic, increases the speed, and removes any semblance of shields, making it a vastly different experience than we’ve grown used to. From the way the world looks, to the enemy design, to the music, Bloodborne is an awe-inspiring game.

Trust me, this game is hard, but it wants you to succeed. The satisfaction of finally conquering a difficult area or boss is a common thread found throughout, making it exhilarating to to play. This is one of the highlights of the PS4s library and a must-play for fast-paced action fans looking for one of the best single player PS4 games.


What else needs to be said about this gem? Insomniac’s Spider-Man put all our fears to rest with the lackluster licensed games that have appeared often. The swinging is magnificent, the story and performances are believable, and exploring New York is some of the most fun I’ve had in recent memory. It’s impressive how Insomniac struck a balance of taking some liberties with the canonical story, while still staying true to what makes a Spider-Man game feel right. Check out our review!

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

When this came out, fans were blown away at the amount of detail in the world, the size of the gigantic map, the performances, and just how beautiful it looks. The Witcher III is enormous and puts games like Skyrim to shame, just in terms of how much there is to do.

With an improved combat system and some crazy side quests, The Witcher III will probably get you hooked, fast. One of the best things about it is how the art style is a mix of realistic rendering with a sort of pastel color palette that really jumps out. Looking at the grass and vistas will leave you in awe, even after hundreds of hours of play.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Not only does Horizon: Zero Dawn have one of the most beautiful open worlds and satisfying combat systems, but it includes one of the most memorable female leads in recent memory. Exploring this huge world is still one of my favorite PS4 experiences, spending my time gathering resources to craft items and level up.

PlayStation has found their groove with exclusives, and Horizon is one of the best. There’s a reason why it was in the running for Game of the Year in 2017. Bravo to Guerrila for trying something different. Robot dinosaurs with a kick-ass woman as the lead? Count me in.

Persona 5

Sometimes gamers complain about games being too short or not getting their money’s worth. If that’s something you worry about, I’m happy to report that Persona 5 takes around 100 hours to complete and is an immensely engaging story with addicting gameplay. It’s no question that the sheer style in this game is enough to make it stand out, but that’s not the only reason to play.

The music, the representation of Japan, the characters, the art, the writing, the gameplay loop…I could go on forever. This game is weird and lovely and begs to be played. Imagine a mix of Pokemon style gameplay, dungeon crawling, and a visual novel all wrapped up into the incredible package that is Persona 5.

Grand Theft Auto V

The most fascinating thing about Grand Theft Auto V is that it STILL frequently appears in the top 10 list of best selling games, even five years after its release. While that’s partly because of the deep online mode, GTAV has a fantastic single player campaign that is worth your time.

The funny take on American media, the witty writing, the caricature of Los Angeles – It all makes GTAV so fantastic. Let’s not forget about that world. There is a near-endless amount to do in the city of Los Santos, which is why this game is so fun and is still relevant to this day. Rockstar outdid themselves with the PS4 version, allowing for the whole game to be played in first person. It’s truly a remarkable experience. This is a great single player PS4 game.


There is something to be said about running around, blasting away at alien demons on Mars. Doom feels great, but the fun goers deeper than that, particularly with the weapons and how the game gets you to explore.

Although it’s linear, Doom’s levels are quite big and reward you for exploring them by giving you weapon or suit upgrades. And that music…killing alien demons never felt so good.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted is one of PlayStation’s defining series and for good reason. Naughty Dog knows how to create an engaging story that looks damn good, all while tugging on your emotions. With Uncharted 4, we see the conclusion of Nathan Drake’s story  – but in this iteration, the inclusion of larger open areas, more freedom to explore, and the usage of vehicles make their way to the forefront.

It’s hard to believe this is made by the same studio that made a name for themselves with Crash Bandicoot, but it’s a good thing they did, because the industry is made better with Uncharted and Naughty Dog.

NieR: Automata

What an interesting game. Square Enix and Platinum took serious risks with some gameplay elements in Automata. Having so many different endings, with the ability to play as multiple characters was enough to hook players, and the combat is super fun.

Platinum Games has made a name for themselves for having some of the most robust and satisfying combat, which is clearly exemplified in NieR. Aside from that, the story in NieR is beloved and unforgettable. And don’t get me started on the music. There’s a reason it won the Best Music Award at the 2017 Game Awards – Seriously, go buy this game.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

When word first broke that this game would be playable in first person, fans were concerned, and understandably so. Rest assured, Resident Evil 7 feels exactly like a Resident Evil game should. It’s scary, it’s immersive, the puzzles are smart, and the overall atmosphere depicted will hook you.

I love how the series goes back to its roots by making you scrounge for ammo and parts, and forcing you to do your best to survive. The way the story ramps up is intriguing and you will probably be wetting your pants, nearly the whole time. This game is a rush. RE7 is one of the best single player PS4 games.

Yakuza 6: Song of Life

If you want a wacky, dense, and very Japanese beat ’em up style game, look no further than Yakuza. It is probably the closest thing to an authentic Japanese experience in any game I’ve ever played. The Yakuza series does have a wild story, but I don’t think it’s totally necessary to play the others before jumping into this one.

Whichever you choose, be prepared for a deep combat system, a city with a ton to do, and some of the most varied emotional storytelling I’ve ever seen. One minute, a heartfelt cutscene will play, almost putting you to tears, and the next, a silly, hilarious moment will happen, also putting you to tears, but because of how funny and weird it is.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V has a dense open world but also a dense and interesting history behind it. Without getting into it too much, this will always be remembered as Hideo Kojima’s last game with Konami and all the backlash surrounding it. Aside from that, MGSV feels incredible to play. It’s a game that makes you wonder, “What if I could do X”, and rewards you with exactly that.

The way it allows you to truly play how you want and the vast amount of content will leave you playing this for dozens of hours. Sure, the story may not be what we expected, but the gameplay makes up for it. Not many games have such variety in gameplay styles, with a rad 80’s soundtrack like this one does. It deserves your attention. This is a defining single player PS4 game.

Shadow of the Colossus

The idea of a game including only bosses in a huge empty world may not sound enticing. But Shadow of the Colossus is so much more than that. Each boss is a puzzle, an environment, and a feat to overcome. The way the game puts so much trust in the player, just shows how much the developers respect you.

Aside from the unique gameplay, Shadow of the Colossus has a sad, bleak, and interesting story that will probably pull at your heartstrings. Between getting bits of story, you will be scaling giant monsters, taking them down, and feeling a mixture of satisfaction and dread after what you have done. It’s a truly interesting game that takes what we know and love about open worlds and throws it out the window. Yet another incredible single player PS4 game.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

With a departure from the formula of the original Assassin’s Creed games, Odyssey has been met with almost universal critical acclaim. Touted as the best the series has been by some media outlets, Odyssey sends you on a journey through ancient Greece and is quite exceptional throughout.

The series is now an RPG, something the older games danced around. And you can now choose to play all the way through as a male or female, something touched on in Syndicate.
Hopefully, this new direction for the series is here to stay because it’s the best the series has felt in a long time.

God of War

When looking back on this generation, 2018’s God of War will for sure be a defining moment for a lot of people. No game is perfect, but God of War comes close, with its single camera shot, the way it tells the story, and some of the most satisfying combat I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

It takes a lot to make fans care about the once hot-headed, stereotypical manly version of Kratos from the older games, but Santa Monica Studios pulled it off in an impressive way. The dynamic between him and his son makes us care for these characters and I cannot wait for the next iteration this series has to offer. This is am incredible single player PS4 game.

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